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The Hearth Room: preparing students for a joyful life of excellent service

Before having children, I was a teacher and school administrator, but I’ve been homeschooling until we discerned it was time to work on launching a school.

As we contemplated the true purpose of education, the conclusion was “to equip students for joyful lives of excellent service to the Lord.”  But what does that look like practically?  We want them to be functional adults—not just to know how to get a job, but to manage their finances, know how to pay their taxes, cook a healthy meal, and do their own laundry.  Right now the program goes through 6th grade, but the long-term vision is to expand to 12th, where the culminating project will be building their own tiny homes.  We also want them to know how to impact their communities, and we are already preparing programs to develop their confidence in the political realm, to discern fact from fiction amidst all the noise in our culture, to be able to effectively articulate why they believe what they believe and to know when to walk away from an argument.

Of course, having a firm grasp on traditional academic concepts play a big role in being well-equipped, and that’s why we use the Montessori approach, where children learn through hands-on activities, presented in one-on-one lessons as the student is ready. If you haven’t seen this in action, it probably sounds too good to be true, but it’s amazing, it’s effective, and I’d be happy to go into more detail in person.  It’s also so fun that the older students in my previous school actually requested a longer school day!

Parents can visit the school’s website to schedule an educational consult and discover if The Hearth Room is the school to prepare their child for a joyful life of excellent service.

For more information visit:  TheHearthRoom.org