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125,000 kids looking for adoptive parents

A major adoption organization is calling attention to the ever increasing need for parents to step forward and bring some love to kids who need a family.

President Trump has issued a presidential proclamation for National Adoption Month, which is November, not only urging people to adopt, but also celebrating those who do. Chris Palusky, who heads Bethany Christian Services, says there has always been a need for adoption.

“We’re seeing that need change now, especially around the opioid crisis that we have in the United States,” he tells OneNewsNow. “We’re seeing even more babies being born into addiction that are in need of homes, or even more so, we’re seeing a huge growth in foster care, and many of those children need loving homes.”


So suitable parents are an essential need.

“This year alone there’s like 445,000 children that are in foster care across the United States,” Palusky reports. “There’s a large need to find more foster homes for those kids, and at the same time, there’s an estimated … 125,000 kids still waiting to be adopted.”

Bethany does not currently permit same-sex couples to adopt or participate in foster care.

“Bethany prefers to work with churches,” Palusky says. “We believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Bethany is always legally compliant in states.”