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Advice and aid wants to save the next life

Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers, located in Overland Park, helps women and their families make an educated decision about an unplanned pregnancy. They do this by providing truthful, evidence-based, medical information about parenting, adoption and abortion. Their mission is to serve families facing an unplanned pregnancy before, during, and after with Christ-like compassion.

For 35 years, Advice & Aid staff provides a safe, confidential and caring environment to the men and women they serve. They understand that these complex situations involving an unplanned pregnancy require the support of the whole community to equip women for what may lie ahead. They want to be the first place a woman turns to for emotional, practical and spiritual support.

The name Advice & Aid comes from the very support they offer. They give advice and information to women and their families so they can make an educated decision. And the provide aid in many ways, from emotional to the practical. Their staff, both paid and volunteer, has knowledge of many resources to help with an unplanned pregnancy.

They offer pregnancy testing, peer counseling and sonograms to those women in the early stages of their unplanned pregnancy. Advice & Aid also has many classes for both men and women, from parenting education during the pregnancy to parenting support after the birth of the baby. In addition, they offer baby items through their store to those participating in their program. Advice & Aid also offers STI/STD testing, abortion recovery and abortion pill reversal (allowing, on some occasions, those who have taken the abortion pill the opportunity to reverse its effects). All of this is done at absolutely no cost to the client.

In 2017, 108 babies were born to clients who received help from Advice & Aid. They rely on many volunteer hands to help reach the increasing number of women who come to them. No matter your desires or skill set, if you are passionate about saving the lives of the most vulnerable among us, Advice & Aid has a place for you to volunteer.