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Communities in Crisis: the One solution

As the news of yet another school shooting saddens, yet doesn’t surprise us, the need to bring faith, hope, and God back into the everyday lives of our society is overwhelming. There is a solution.

According to CNN, on average, there has been one school shooting every week of 2018. Innocent children are dying and a war is raging over laws, rights, blame and fear. But in truth, laws won’t stop the actions of someone determined to destroy or kill.  At the heart of such actions is evil and the only thing that can fight and conquer is good.

It’s at such times as this that all Christians need to be mobilized to share the hope of the faith within us.  We read the news and shake our heads. What we need to do is read the news and dig deeper with determination to make a difference in our corner of the world.  We are learning the names of towns around the country because of the devastation and heartbreak that is being wrought there. Who is to say the world won’t learn the name of our town next for the same reason?

The need to rise up and make a stand for love, hope, peace, and faith is now.  While the human side of us wants to grab our children and lock them in our homes, the Spirit within all of us needs to be released to be the Comforter, the Counselor, the Advisor to a hurting world around us.  This isn’t a time to look at Evangelism as a frightening practice that we aren’t equipped to do. This is a time to look at Evangelism as an outreach, a service of the hands and feet of Christ building a foundation in our community.  It’s a time to serve others, love others, pray for others, and offer them the light that is within us.

If you have a heart to help, to minister, to love, and make a change, come to the Right Now Conference on July 13 in Lenexa, Kan.  This one-day conference will feature speakers aimed at making an impact in your community. Build a sense of urgency and release what holds you back from being the person God has called you to be, teach students to reach students, learn how to pray and care for those in your community.  Learn how to have God conversations with the people you encounter everyday.

This conference will encourage you to step out in faith to pursue the mission God has for you and your church.  It will open your eyes to ministries and services around you to help you in your pursuit to make a difference in your home and community. It will provide ideas and insight into outreach programs and missions that are already making a difference locally and how you can learn, grow, or partner with those missions.  Come together with those who aren’t just going to shake their heads at the ongoing destruction around us, but are willing to make a difference.

As Christians, our job is not to lead someone to Christ – only the Holy Spirit can do that.  As Christians, our job is to plant the seeds of hope and light in whatever way we can. Some of us will serve, some of us will preach, some of us will teach, some of us will pray, but we’re all called to share.  Whatever your position is in life, whatever you do to make a living – you have an impact on the people you encounter. Make that impact count. Make that impact one filled with hope and joy, focused on the eternal and not on earthly things.  Each one of us can make a difference… Right Now.

The Right Now Conference is a non-denominational conference being held on July 13th, from 9am-4pm at Lenexa Baptist Church in Lenexa, KS.  The cost is only $15 per person. The cost includes a continental breakfast, lunch, and a Leadership Resource Pack. Find out more at 1Millionstories.org/RightNow.