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Arab Christian Paramedic Shares the Keys to Peace in a Time of War

arab christian

Yasmeen Mazzawi, a 25-year-old Arab Christian from Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, is a testimony there can be unity in Israel. Israel became a nation 76 years ago on May 14, 2024. ...

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CeCe Winans wows ‘American Idol’ audience with performance of “Goodness of God”

winans idol

Although CeCe Winans was not a contestant, she stole the show in the finale of “American Idol.” She joined contestant Roman Collins for a powerful rendition of “Goodness of God.” On Instagram, the ...

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Precious Moments creator dies at age 85

precious moments

Sam Butcher, the Christian artist and entrepreneur who created Precious Moments figurines, died on Monday at age 85. “In his final words he shared that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were ...

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Christian actors “coming out of woodwork” in Hollywood

wonder years

There appears to be a shift in Hollywood for actors who previously thought they had to be under the radar. From Chris Pratt to Denzel Washington and Patricia Heato, actors are speaking ...

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Four faces in Revelation show leaders how to steward their anointing

leaders anointing

Although churches often talk about stewardship in regard to finances, it can be easy to overlook the importance of stewarding the gift that God gives to all believers. “The most important thing ...

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As other campuses protest, ORU commencement shows unity in viral video


More than eight million people in the past week have viewed Oral Roberts University’s Instagram reel showcasing the 2024 commencement ceremony. The clip highlights ORU’s graduating class and their passionate unity, singing ...

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Michael Youssef dispels misconceptions about heaven

youssef heaven

Many Christians have a poor understanding of what heaven will be like, according to evangelist and author Michael Youssef. In fact, views of heaven are often instilled by romanticized visions like Baciccio’s ...

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The left wants Harrison Butker fired over this

butker speech harrison

While a petition calling for the firing of Harrison Butker, one of the greatest placekickers in the NFL, has gained more than 100,000 signatures, sales of his jersey are skyrocketing. Why all ...

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Will a 15-minute church service increase attendance?


Is 15 minutes enough for a church service? It’s the question arousing interest within the U.K.’s Protestant community following the decision by a Welsh minister to offer 15-minute services on Monday evenings. ...

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Former prominent atheist shares journey to Christian faith


Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former atheist and leader in the New Atheism movement, has retracted her past assertions that all religions, including Christianity, were equally damaging. “I do regret doing that,” she ...

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Cuba Gooding Jr.’s new movie resembles his own faith journey


Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. considers his new role as a drug dealer turned Christian in “The Firing Squad” one of the most significant of his career. “After living through the pandemic ...

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‘Deconstruction’ of Christian faith can have dangerous consequences, author says


“Deconstruction” of one’s faith has become a popular – and concerning – trend in the church, author Alisa Childers said. “I do think it’s a fad, although a lot of people would ...

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Actor Russell Brand’s spiritual quest leads to baptism            

russell brand

Actor Russell Brand has announced that has been baptized as a Christian. The news comes after Brand had been open about his spiritual journey with fans noticing his comments continued to come ...

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Successful actor Lucas Black puts family above movie career

lucas black

Despite a successful career in television and films such as “Friday Night Lights,” actor Lucas Black says his family comes first. “I chose to step away from ‘NCIS New Orleans‘ because the ...

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Fewer Americans are reading the Bible: Why it matters

fewer bible

How many people today are engaging the Bible in any meaningful way? Apparently, fewer than you might think. In April 2024, the American Bible Society (ABS) published their annual “State of the ...

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New Scooby Doo series ‘Velma” filled with anti-religious bigotry


Last year, Max released “Velma,” an animated adult “reimagining” of the Scooby Doo franchise that became one of the most hated series in the history of television. On Thursday, April 25, Max premiered a second season of Velma that is ...

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More young adults say Bible transformed their lives

bibles hotel adults bible

Despite the well-documented rise of religious “nones,” new research found that the share of young adults who believe the Bible has had a transformative effect on their lives has increased. “Our youngest ...

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Audiences feel connection with musical family depicted in “Unsung Hero”

unsung hero

Filmmaker Andy Erwin is no stranger to success, with a long string of popular Christian movies. Even so, his new film “Unsung Hero” is different. “I don’t know what it is that ...

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John Piper stakes out New Testament position on same-sex relationships in church

Liberty piper east political relationships

Pastor and author John Piper has weighed in on how churches should deal with same-sex relationships. He responded in podcast to comments by Pope Francis last December to allow priests to bless ...

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Impact of Asbury University revival continues to be felt


Last year’s revival at Asbury University in Kentucky has never really ended, a professor who was at the event says. Sarah Thomas Baldwin, author of the upcoming book, “Generation Awakened: An Eyewitness ...

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Actor Gary Sinise bolstered by faith thru son’s cancer, death


Actor Gary Sinise and his family leaned on their faith when his son, Mac, died from a rare form of spinal cancer earlier this year. “It was just inspiring to see how ...

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American Idol Gospel singer Mandisa dead at 47


Grammy-winning contemporary Christian singer Mandisa Lynn Hundley, a former top-10 American Idol finisher, was found dead Thursday in her Nashville home. She was 47. The announcement was made on social media, and no cause ...

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Can we cultivate civility? Braver Angels aims at depolarization

Braver Angels aims to help regular people “disagree better.” It’s no secret that we live in a polarized world. Even if you ignore politics (good luck trying that), you’d also have to ...

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Churches are tapping into pickelball to share the gospel


Some find the constant pop of the wiffle ball batted about by oversized ping pong paddles annoying. Others see pickleball as encouraging exercise, multigenerational competition, and camaraderie. Regardless, it’s here to stay. ...

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More than 1,200 churches left Southern Baptist Convention in 2022

southern churches left

The Southern Baptist Convention lost more than 1,200 churches in 2022, according to the SBC’s 2022 Annual Church Profile, which was released this week by Lifeway Research. The losses in 2022 were ...

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