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Conference will address families and the end times

Many would agree that society is spinning out of control. How does that affect families, communities and the church? Some are asking if families have the tools needed to respond to challenging times with confidence and a prayerful attitude. Does the church have those tools?

A ground-breaking conference will take place in October to help answer these questions. The United Saints of America Conference is coming to Kansas City Friday, October 12, starting at 7:00 pm through Sunday October 14, concluding at 1:00 pm. The conference will be held at the Four Points Sheraton at the


Pastor Sylvester Bland

Kansas City International airport.

“The purpose of this gathering of the body of Christ from across America is to strengthen and unify Christians who represent the Remnant Church,” shared Pastor Sylvester Bland who lives in Riverside, Calif.

“Our Mission is to unite every small independent church (under 100 members,) cell group, house fellowship, and home church in the United States to realize there is power and ‘strength in unity’ and ‘freedom in obedience’ as the Holy Spirit moves through the nation.” Bland continued, “We are the new practical Christianity, a dedicated network of believers doing what Christ commanded us to do—to occupy and evangelize the world (starting with our homes) until He comes; we are preaching, praying, preparing, and protecting our families and friends in this life for the next.”

Why is the conference in Kansas City? “Because Kansas City is right in the middle of the United States.”

The pastor has traveled throughout 35 states during the past five years to recognize the need for this gathering. His direction and pastor of Home Churches International, plus media hosting of the United Saints of America for twenty years, makes him continue to ‘fight the good fight’ and caused him to step up once more.

But he doesn’t just spread his message in person. Pastor Bland streams a live online program Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm. and has gained quite a following by Christians who are not completely satisfied with how community is built within the Christian community.

familiesWhy now? Bland says current events reveal God’s prophetic word is unfolding all around us daily. This gathering, he says, is to call every family leader, including fathers and mothers, to prepare their families for the last days and the return of Jesus Christ.

Unique and inspirational speakers will include the following: Larry Pittman-Texas co-founder of The United Saints of America and the nationally recognized www.TheBibleTeam.com; Kevin Jessip-Florida who is working on the National Day of Repentance; Brad Crompton, a leader exemplifying faith, love, and trust in the Lord; Steve Sarver III speaking on Survival as a Family Unit; Paul McGuire of Los Angeles who with A Prophecy of the Future of America; Troy Anderson, Los Angeles–Trumpocalypse: The Plan to Save America; plus Dr. Gianina Cazan-London and David Joseph Giammona.

These dynamic leaders, in addition to Pastor Sylvester Bland will “offer instruction, practical tools and biblical encouragement so you and your family can survive and thrive during these immoral, corrupt and sometimes violent times!”

Tickets are available for the entire conference for $60 per person or $100 per couple. October 12-14 “Prophecy Conference for the Family!” is meant to call the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to heal the hearts and the souls of each family starting with their leaders/family heads. Tickets are available at HERE.

For more information call 951-360-3399 or email hci1million@gmail.com. To learn more visit www.HomeChurchesInternational.org or www.TheUnitedSaintsOfAmerica.US.


–Zeta Davidson, Metro Voice