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Fan Drive Helps Others Survive Heat

Westlake Hardware partners with Salvation Army to bring summer relief to areas disadvantaged.

We knew it couldn’t last. The cool, wet spring abruptly came to an end last week as heat surged into the Kansas City area from the Southwest. For most that simply means switching on the A/C or turning it down to cool the house. For thousands of others, it means life-threatening conditions in their urban brick apartments or un-airconditioned older homes. This summer, Westlake Ace Hardware has once again teamed up with The Salvation Army in Kansas City to help collect money for fans in their annual fan drive. All money raised will be used to purchase fans the local charity will distribute this summer to qualified individuals.

The hardware store kicked off their “Salvation Army Fan Drive” with a donation of 50 box fans. It’s very easy to help, said Larry Boten, general manager of the 4049 Somerset Westlake store. Visit the checkout counter at any local Westlake through July 12 and make a donation toward a fan in any chosen amount. For a $5 donation, one fan blade can be given, $10 provides two fan blades, $15 for three blades or $20 for the entire fan.

Fans will be distributed by The Salvation Army throughout the summer to individuals in need. Priority for fan assistance will be given to those who are elderly, seriously ill, or physically disabled; to households with children under the age of ten years, to expectant mothers; and to households with income at or below 150 percent of poverty level.

As always, you can always check in on your elderly neighbors or relatives. Make sure they are not pinching penny’s by keeping the A/C off and encourage them to stay in contact with you should the temperatures remain in dangerous territory.

For more information about eligibility to receive a fan, contact The Salvation Army at 816-968-9432. To donate a fan, please call 816-968-9000.

— Dwight Widaman