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Senator Tim Scott

From cotton to Congress, Sen. Tim Scott shares a positive vision

Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina is offering a message of hope despite the contentious political climate in the United States.

“I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and my savior, and I will tell you that all of the challenges and tragedies that led me to that place, I can see it differently,” he said.  “The hard times actually were purposeful. God didn’t waste a single experience.”

Scott discussed additional details of his personal journey, including his parents’ divorce when he was 7 years old, his upbringing with a single mom and a car accident that deeply affected him.

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“Without any question, my childhood was filled with love but not resources, filled with optimism that became the hope and that hope was born through a praying mother,” he said. “With the combination between my mom and my mentor, my life started to change”.

Scott graduated from college, started a business and went on to have a budding political career through hard work and dedication. He offered an impassioned reply to those who argue that the systems in America are rigged. “It’s rigged for those who work hard, for those who get educated,” he said. “It’s rigged for those who have some strong desire to make a difference.”

Scott shared that his grandfather, who was born in 1922, started his life picking cotton and later had the opportunity to see his grandson elected to Congress.

“From cotton to Congress in one lifetime,” he said. “This nation — the greatest nation on Earth — it is strongly positioned so that anyone from anywhere at any time can succeed beyond their wildest imagination if they hold on to the concept that there’s more to come, and they lean into it and they work hard, they study hard, good things happen.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice