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Have a Flu-Free Winter

Have you ever wondered why everyone seems to get sick more often in the winter? There is actually very good reason for that, so let’s learn why so we can prevent colds and flu-free winter this year and maybe prepare better for next year.

Vaughn Lawrence, owner of Spirit of Health store

Vaughn Lawrence, owner of Spirit of Health store


Your immune system is designed to fight infections. Many people encounter bacteria, virus, molds, parasites, etc and rarely get sick. Others seem to catch everything going around and get sick monthly. Why can some people in a family “catch the flu” and others in the same family do not? The reason is because germs, viruses and bacteria do not cause illness. Yes, that is not a typo. If germs caused sickness and disease everyone would be sick, dying or already dead! So what really causes someone to get sick?

What determines whether or not someone gets sick is the strength of their immune system. If we do catch a cold, flu, chicken pox or even mumps or measles, this should be nothing to fear.

Our medical system has used fear to push vaccines for decades. Many grew up and went to a “chicken pox party” to intentionally catch the virus and build immunity. Your system is designed to build natural immunity by encountering various germs, allowing the immune system to do its job, and you are stronger for it. Our young girls have been sick a couple times, and we allowed nature, that would be God, to do what it was designed to do and we move on.

But what if a child or adult is getting sick weekly or monthly, or even has chronic ear infections, sinus infections, bronchial infections, etc. This is definitely not normal and signs of a weak immune system. Drugs, vaccines and antibiotics are definitely not the answer, but often used by parents for lack of wiser choices. We have lost the ancient wisdom of strengthening our immune system and learning natural methods to quickly eliminate sickness from the body.

So the first question is why is the immune system so weak?

n We are indoors playing video games and watching TV when life used to be lived outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine

n We don’t eat natural foods God created, instead eating candy, soda, donuts, fried foods, fast food, white flour and white sugar, which damages and weaken the immune system

n We use antibiotics, aspirin, birth control, steroid drugs, pain medications etc., which weakens the immune system because they are man-made and work against God’s design of the body

n We have more chemicals in our world than ever before in human history

So how do we restore a healthy immune system to avoid getting sick?

n For ear infections, use food grade H202 in the ears. 1-2 drops each ear morning and night. This has worked for our daughter twice when she started pulling on her ear. No infection ever developed. This is so simple, and sad when kids are damaged by antibiotics, tubes in the ears and other unnecessary medical treatments when the solution costs a few cents. You also can use garlic olive oil in the ears.

n Sinus infections should use something that KILLS FUNGUS; not flonase, antibiotics or surgery. You can find sprays with oregano and other God-created anti-microbials that do not damage the body.

n SUNSHINE should be built up in the summer. Yes, you should be TAN going into winter. I am so glad we are going to Hawaii this Christmas! (-: (my wife was born and raised there). If not, your immune system will suffer and you must take vitamin D. Take a minimum of 5,000IU and be sure it is not synthetic!

n Elderberry stops viruses from replicating. Oregano and garlic kills all bacteria, viruses, fungus and molds. Colloidal silver works well. Colostrum from grass-fed cows builds the immune system.

It is MORE important to eat well, exercise, take your herbs and build your immune system in the winter because we are more vulnerable.

Flu shots have NO PROOF AT ALL (ask your doctor for proof or studies) that they work and they are loaded with toxic chemicals. I vote to choose God’s way this winter. God loves us much more and is much more gentle than the man-made approach.

–Vaughn Lawrence is a natural health care practitioner, herbalist and owner of Spirit of Health who lives by their motto: “We Love God. We Love People. We Love Health. www.spiritofhealthkc.com.