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Media freak out over Trump’s menu for Clemson visit, players have a different opinion

Even if you were to remove all of the politics and rhetoric, it’s hard to argue that President Donald Trump isn’t overly criticized by the media.

Take, for example, an event that should be little more than a glorified photo op being turned into the latest attack on Trump by the media.

When Trump announced that the national champion Clemson Tigers would be visiting the White House, it didn’t receive all that much attention.

There was a tweet about it and some minimal coverage. That’s about it. That’s fair, given the ongoing partial government shutdown, which is eminently more important than a championship team visiting the White House.

Maybe some athletes could visit Trump at the White House without any controversy.

Who are we kidding? You knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Of all the things the media decided to latch onto, it turned out to be … the food spread? Yes, it seemed that across the vast media landscape, the overwhelming majority had a problem with what Trump served the Clemson Tigers.

“Because of the shutdown, you know we have the great Clemson team with us, the national champions. So we went out and we ordered American fast food, paid for by me,” Trump said according to CNN. “Lots of hamburgers, lots of pizza.”

It would’ve been kind of neat to see the media cover the fact that Trump was paying for this fast-food spread out of his own pocket. But no, they’d rather blast the president for choosing to feed college students a boatload of fast food.

Various late-night show hosts jumped on this narrative, including Seth MeyersStephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. They accused the president of projecting his favorite fast foods on Clemson and turning “the White House into a White Castle.”


Left-leaning outlets like Deadspin and TMZ attacked the president for daring to serve finely honed athletes fast food, conveniently forgetting that they also happen to be college students who are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Despite the leftist media freaking out over Trump’s choice of food, a funny thing happened along the way: The Clemson players loved the food.

Tigers star freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence told TMZ how much he loved Trump’s fast food.

“It was awesome,” he said.

ESPN admitted in an article that players “whooped” for the fast food and were excited for it. There’s also the small matter that videos of the event showed a group of ecstatic college students enjoying themselves — not dejected athletes frowning at the meal, as the media would have you believe.

“The President wanted to host a fun event to celebrate the College Football National Champion Clemson Tigers,” a White House statement read. “Because the Democrats refuse to negotiate on border security, much of the residence staff at the White House is furloughed—so the President is personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone’s favorite fast foods.”

As it turns out, the decision to bring in food from Wendy’s, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A and Burger King was a hit with the team. Apparently, there weren’t many leftovers—which Trump anticipated due to the “very large people that like eating.”

“POTUS predicted there would not be much left – appears to be accurate,” Reuters White House reporter Roberta Rampton wrote on Twitter.