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Poll: Americans blame media for divided country

A new poll from Morning Consult shows that more voters blame the media for a divided country than voters the political parties or President Trump:

64 percent of registered voters said the press has done more to divide the country than unite it since Trump took office, compared with 56 percent who said the same was true of the president. The poll of 2,543 voters was conducted Oct. 25-30 …

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are much more likely to point fingers at President Trump. Eighty-eight percent cite the president for dividing the country, while 46 percent of Democrats point at the media. Similarly, only 25 percent of Republicans blame the president, while 80 percent of Republicans blame the media.

But it’s independent voters that both parties should be focused on: 67 percent of independents blame the media, while just 54 percent blame Trump.

Of course, as with any public opinion poll, these numbers could change on a whim. But the takeaway message here is clear: the American people blame Trump for using divisive language and tactics, but more blame the media for their part in dividing Americans.