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IDF soldiers. Submitted photo.

The Saved Babies Who Are Now Israel’s Soldiers

JERUSALEM – Why is an organization committed to saving babies in Israel also aiding soldiers in Israel?

“At the end of the day, we’re all about saving lives and building a better future,” noted Nir Salomon, Executive Director of EFRAT (pronounced ‘eff-RAHT’), an Israeli organization committed to saving babies from abortion.

Cherishing Life

EFRAT comes alongside mothers-to-be with financial assistance and emotional support so they can give birth and raise their babies with dignity, joy, and peace of mind.

Since 1977, EFRAT has been the point of contact for women who want to give birth to their babies but experience emotional and financial distress. More than 86,000 babies have been saved and are today part of the Jewish people because of the tireless efforts of EFRAT.

Nir Salomon

Nir estimates that 10,000 of those saved babies are now saving Israel on the frontlines. With the help of Efrat there are many more young people who have been loved, who are valued, and who are standing strong for their nation under attack.

When Hamas attacked southern Israeli communities on October 7, life suddenly and shockingly changed for the people of Israel. More than 1,400 men, women, and children, from babies to the elderly, were brutally slaughtered during a sacred Jewish holiday, Simchat Torah, which celebrates the joy of completing reading the Torah and the completion of the feast of the tabernacles.

Since October 7, the attacks from the sky and the ground have been relentless. Hezbollah has blasted more than 3,000 missiles into the north. And on April 13, Iran sent over 300 missiles and explosive drones screaming toward Israel. Miraculously, only one caused damage, striking an air base with minimal damage.

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Even during these harrowing times, EFRAT continues to provide the mothers of more than 3,000 babies with food and baby care packages, sometimes under rocket fire. 

“We are not changing the mission of EFRAT,” Nir offered. “But we are one family. It is impossible to ignore the fact that we are at war. We know now that no one is safe until this terrible period is over. I know it’s hard for Americans to imagine this reality, but this is what we are facing.”

Nir shared how they have received calls from soldiers who had counseled their wives to have abortions because of the current distress but then had a wake-up call on the battlefield. They realized they could not defend life and end life at the same time.

Confusing Phone Call, Confirming Story

Story after story is beginning to surface. One dad called Nir, frantically seeking thermal jackets for his son and his unit.

He urged Nir to act because the young man fighting in the war was his son as well. Nir was stunned–that is not possible. “My wife and I were considering abortion,” the voice on the phone explained, “but you came alongside us and helped us so we could have our son. He’s your son, too.”

Nir and the EFRAT team are hopeful that in the not-too-distant future, they will be able to focus exclusively on EFRAT’s primary mission—the support of mothers and rescue of babies.

“What EFRAT does day in and day out is no less important than the war we are fighting now,” Salomon said. “Our effort to celebrate life is part of our cultural DNA. But for now, we are also asking the good people in the world to help ensure our survival.”

To learn more about EFRAT and support its mission, visit www.cribefrat.org.

–Clem Boyd | Special to Metrovoicenews.com

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