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Today’s News Briefs: George Strait; Putin in N. Korea; Social media warning label

george strait

Today’s news briefs include warning label for social media apps;  George Strait sets concert record; Putin in N. Korea; Israel’s War Cabinet to disband. Putin to visit N. Korea this week Russian ...

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Israel tourism rebounds but it’s still tough for the industry

tourism israel

The tourism industry in Israel is slowly rebounding as the war with Hamas seemingly winds down. According to statistics from the Ministry of Tourism, 206,700 tourists entered the country between January and ...

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Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress for record fourth time

netanyahu isaiah congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress July 24. This will mark the fourth time that he will speak to a joint gat hearing of the legislative ...

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News briefs: Shake-up in European election; Venezuelan gang in US; Blinken back in Israel

european elections

News briefs for today include the United Auto Workers ordered to end Gaza protest; Blinken in Israel to push ceasefire; Venezuelan gangs cross border and spread across U.S.; Conservatives sweep European elections ...

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Associated Press blasts its use of Hamas casualty figures

israel raffah associated press

The Associated Press released a report on Friday undercutting its own reporting of Hamas’s claim that more than two-thirds of the Palestinian casualties in Gaza have been women and children. The  Hamas numbers, which ...

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This theology is driving young Christians away from Israel

successful church pandemic young theology

Young Christians in the United States are abandoning support for Israel as they increasingly move toward the theology of amillennial and postmillennial eschatology. Support for Israel among this group has dropped by ...

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Today’s News Briefs: Israeli hostages freed; Apollo astronaut dead in crash; Pat Sajak; EBay

apollo hostages

Today’s headlines include the amazing rescue of four Israeli hostages; Famous Apollo astronaut who took iconic image dead in airplane crash at 90; Pat Sajak retires from Wheel of Fortune and EBay ...

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The Saved Babies Who Are Now Israel’s Soldiers

babies soldiers

JERUSALEM – Why is an organization committed to saving babies in Israel also aiding soldiers in Israel? “At the end of the day, we’re all about saving lives and building a better ...

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Older, biblically literate Christians more likely to support Israel, Jewish people

christians jewish

The age and biblical knowledge of Christians shapes their opinion of Israel, the Jewish people and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a recent study found. The comparative study, which simultaneously examined sentiment across mainline, ...

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Today’s News Briefs: Is this woman the missing 8-year-old?; Putin threatens; Japan and drinking; Raffah push may end soon

woman gen z

Here are today’s news briefs including a woman who claims she a girl who disappeared 50 years ago from a bus stop; Gen Z drinking less; Putin threatens West, and Israel makes ...

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News Briefs: D-Day; Charles on money; Spain’s diplomats revolt


Today’s news briefs include Biden in France for D-Day, Executive Order limiting immigration, King Charles on British banknotes. President in France for D-Day commemoration President Joe Biden landed in Paris Wednesday for ...

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Jerry Seinfeld meets with hostage families, “My heart is breaking”

seinfeld hostages

A recent trip to Israel had a powerful impact on comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld. He became emotional during an interview with podcaster Bari Weiss. “Honestly, it was the most powerful experience ...

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Daily News Briefs: Russia attacks Ukraine’s largest mall; Egypt, Israel exchange fire; Trump trial


News briefs today include Russian attack on a Ukrainian mall; Palestinian state recognition; Trump trial resumes; and Israel/Egypt exchange fire. Egyptian who shot at Israeli troops is killed by return fire An ...

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Morning Brief: Submarine found; hostages dead; Ukraine and more

news briefs

Metro Voice is beginning a daily news brief to bring you the news in a paragraph or less. Here’s the news for Friday, May 24, 2025. Israel recovers three more hostage bodies ...

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Arab Christian Paramedic Shares the Keys to Peace in a Time of War

arab christian

Yasmeen Mazzawi, a 25-year-old Arab Christian from Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus, is a testimony there can be unity in Israel. Israel became a nation 76 years ago on May 14, 1948. ...

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Israeli dad says son taught him about strength and peace


A popular Israeli influencer and entrepreneur says driving his son to school after bandaging the boy’s finger cut created an opportunity for encouragement over the ongoing war with Hamas. Hillel Fuld posted ...

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Almost all aid entering Gaza through new pier is being stolen

gaza pier

Almost all of the aid delivered by a new U.S.-built pier in Gaza was stolen by Hamas and other groups before it reached the U.N. central warehouse. The report by Reuters backs ...

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Iranian president, foreign minister dead in helicopter crash

Iranian president

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was killed in a helicopter crash in the country’s northwestern East Azerbaijan province on Sunday, Iranian state media confirmed on Monday morning. Raisi was a fanatical hardliner responsible for ...

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Research confirms Jerusalem was large, significant city in Old Testament times

city of david

When Anita and I organize group tours to Israel we always include the City of David. Visible to our guests are remains of his palace, the treasury and even bathrooms! It’s always ...

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New German citizenship questions ask about Jews, Israel, Holocaust

german questions

To pass the test to become a citizen of Germany, applicants must answer 17 questions correctly out of 33, drawn from a potential pool of 300 questions amended to test knowledge about Jewish life and history. ...

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Today’s Israel News Briefs

israel briefs

Here are today’s latest news briefs on Israel and its war against Hamas. Biden Administration blocks arms shipment to Israel The Biden administration on Tuesday night confirmed reports that it had held ...

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Evangelical leaders respond to survey on Gaza aid without the facts

aid gaza

A survey released Tuesday by National Association of Evangelicals finds a false narrative prevails on humanitarian aid to Gaza. The NAE’s report says “Over 90 percent of evangelical leaders who participated in ...

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Americans oppose protests and support Israel military action in Rafah

israel raffah associated press

Anti-Israel protests are much more popular on elite college campuses than with the American public in general. Two recent polls find that the American people are on opposite sides of the Biden ...

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As pro-Hamas protests rage, Liberty University students worship

liberty protests

While students on many campuses across the nation protested in favor of Hamas, those at Liberty University gathered on the lawn for a worship service as part of the university’s Campus Community ...

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Report: Saudi Arabia ready for peace with Israel

israel saudi

Saudi Arabia has decided to normalize relations with Israel and is debating the timing of the announcement, a foreign diplomat familiar with the details told Haaretz this week. According to the source cited in ...

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