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Today’s News Briefs: McDonalds’s $5 meal; NYC drops charges; Airline sued

Today’s news briefs include McDonalds’s $5 meal; NYC drops charges; Airline sued; Russia threatens South Korea.

What’s in the $5 McDonald’s Meal?

McDonald’s has revealed what its new $5 meal will contain. Customers will get their pick of one of two sandwich options — a McDouble or a McChicken — plus small fries, four-piece McNuggets and a small soda as accompaniments. It will debut on participating restaurants’ menus in the U.S. June 25 and be available for a “limited time” only, according to McDonald’s. National restaurant chains are dealing with customer pushback after prices have jumped 35% in some cases for popular menu items. Wendy’s customers can now get a Bacon, Egg, & Cheese English Muffin or a Sausage, Egg, & Cheese English Muffin with a small order of Seasoned Potatoes for just $3. A January poll found that 25% customers with a household income of over $50K were cutting back on restaurant purchases.

NY drops charges against Gaza protesters

New York prosecutors have quietly dropped all criminal charges against most pro-Hamas protesters at Columbia University. A total of 46 protesters were arrested on April 30 and charged with trespassing. No charges were brought for the destruction of property. Of the 46, 31 had their charges dropped with prosecutors raising eyebrows by citing a “lack of evidence.” Prosecutors told 14 others they could have their charges dropped if they avoided being arrested in the next six months. Only one person remains charged over arson charges.

Egypt may provide security in Gaza after war

During talks between the United States, Israel, and Arab countries held in Bahrain, Egypt agreed to participate in an Arab security force in the Gaza Strip, according to the Qatari news site Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, reports the Jersusalem  Post.  An Egyptian source told the Qatari news site that Cairo expressed its willingness to participate in an Arab security force that would enter specific areas in the Gaza Strip for an extended period of time on the condition that the IDF completely withdraws from the strip at the end of the war. Saudi Arabia has not publicly announced its participation but diplomats privately say it wants to be involved to ensure that Hamas does not resurface.

American Airlines sued for kicking black men off flight

American Airlines has put on leave several employees involved in removing eight black passengers from a flight after a complaint about body odor. Three passengers filed a lawsuit against the carrier in May, alleging racial discrimination in the 5 January incident.  CEO Robert Isom said that the incident was unacceptable and that the company “fell short” of its commitment to customers. “We are holding those involved accountable, including removing team members from service,” the airline said in a statement. The three men – who were not seated together and did not know each other – said that every black man was removed from the flight between Phoenix, Arizona and New York City. “American Airlines singled us out for being black, embarrassed us, and humiliated us,” they said in a statement. The three men were eventually allowed to reboard, the BBC reports.

Putin now threatening South Korea

While visiting North Korea, Vladimir Putin has warned South Korea it would be making “a big mistake” if it arms Ukraine. His comments come after Seoul said it was considering such a possibility, in response to Russia and North Korea’s new pact to help each other in the event of “aggression” against either country. Putin also signed a pact to arm North Korea if the West continues supplying arms to Ukraine. The south had earlier condemned the Russian-North Korean agreement as a threat to its national security.

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