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Americans for Prosperity rallies in support of tax cuts in Missouri

Missourians gathered in Jefferson City last week to support tax cuts and agricultural tax credits in a rally sponsored by Americans for Prosperity

The Real Tax Cut Rally promoted proposed income tax cuts, especially the numbers that came from the governor’s office last month. Gov. Mike Parson wants to see the income tax rate drop. Some parts of the bracket, like seniors making $20,000 a year, would be excluded from income tax entirely in Parson’s plan. The plan has received pushback from Democrats in both chambers.

The Missouri Senate this week passed a version of the tax cut bill.

AFP believes the two biggest issues of the special session, tax cuts and tax credits, should be discussed and solved separately.

“Missourians are feeling it in their pocketbooks,” said Jeremy Cady, the organization’s state director. “Putting groceries on the table and gas in our cars has become more difficult in our current environment. This is why Americans for Prosperity brought in Missourians from all across the state today to support the governor’s call for an income tax cut. We support a cut to 4.8 percent this year and keeping the tax cut triggers already in place. If we want to inject growth into our state’s economy, reducing our income tax is a great start.”

The rally comes at the beginning of a special legislative session, which has been consistent pushback and infighting among legislators over a variety of issues, tax credits and tax cuts very much included.

Multiple senators also introduced bills related to subjects that did not pass during the regular session, including Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis, who said he wants to pass tax cuts, but there are other important issues.

“We many times down here say we work to protect the most vulnerable and among those, of course, are unborn children, but they also include our born children who are under assault by radical left ideologies,” he said.

Parson has already rejected requests to expand this special session to include other topics, so it is unlikely he would sign any bills into law outside of what he has requested.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice