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Cierra: Hillcrest came through for me

It is through the dedicated support of individuals like you that Hillcrest is able to change the lives of homeless individuals, youth and families. We are providing hope and a future to those like Cierra Conway and her sons, Mason and Logan.

Cierra came to Hillcrest during a very difficult time in her life. Following a major life change, Cierra and her sons were homeless. A friend told her about Hillcrest, and after successfully completing the application process she was accepted and provided an apartment for up to 90 days. During that time, she maintained full-time employment, faithfully attended life skills classes, learned to budget her money, and paid down her debts. “I was so nervous and scared because I was walking in with a full story behind me. There was Hillcrest saying everything was going to be okay. I was told that if I did the work, I would succeed.”

And succeed she did. Cierra completed the program, and after 90 days was able to transition out of Hillcrest and into her own apartment.  Today, Cierra glows when she talks about having her own apartment and how well her sons are doing in school. “My number one goal now is stability,” she said. “I want to create a stable foundation for my sons so that they can grow up and succeed in life. I feel like Hillcrest gave us a future.”

Will you please consider supporting Hillcrest Transitional Housing with a year-end financial gift so that more families like Cierra’s can find a path out of homelessness? Whether $50 or $2,500, every dollar you contribute to Hillcrest is faithfully managed to produce the most good. Donate online at www.hillcrestkc.org/donate.