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Congresswoman Sharice Davids gets covid 6 months after being vaccinated

Kansas Congresswoman Sharice Davids on Friday tested positive for COVID-19 despite having received the vaccine over six months ago.

In a statement, Davids confirmed what others who have contracted it after getting the vaccine have said: that the symptoms were mild. She had tested positive after a routine Covid test post-surgery.

Davids, who has been a reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi in the nominally conservative district, said she had followed CDC guidelines on masking.

Davids’ did not disclose if she had the Delta variant or how she believed she was exposed. She had met earlier with runaway Democrat Texas Democrats who had become superspreaders in the nation’s capital, prompting President Joe Biden to refuse to meet with them.

The delta variant has been shown to have very mild, flu-like symptoms, with few deaths reported across the country.

Davids stated, “I’m incredibly grateful for the vaccine and the protection that it offers. I know things could have been much worse for me without it. As the Delta variant spreads in our state, I encourage everyone to protect themselves and others and get their shot. We need everyone to get vaccinated in order to put the worst of this virus behind us. If you have questions about the COVID vaccine and where you can get yours, go to vaccines.gov.”

The Congresswoman is expected to see stiff competition in the 2022 midterms after her voting record did not match the moderate rhetoric she used during the campaign. Political analysts say her seat could easily turn red as part of a wave that they say is expected to return Republicans to power in both the U.S. House ad Senate.

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