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Coronation of King Charles III will be rich in Christian symbolism

The coronation of King Charles III on Saturday will be filled with biblical symbols and imagery that reflect the rich religious history of the monarchy, author Ray Comfort said.

“He’ll hold the royal scepter, as Solomon held the royal scepter,” he said. “And when he’s crowned, as was Solomon, all the people will cry, ‘God save the king,’”

Here are seven biblical symbols that will be seen in King Charles III’s coronation:

Orb. “The orb originally was made for Charles II’s coronation way back in 1661,” Comfort said. “It’s about 12 inches wide, and it’s a hollow gold sphere mounted with nine emeralds, 18 rubies, nine sapphires, 365 diamonds and 375 pearls.”

Golden scepter. “It represents the king’s temporary power and his obligation to govern in righteousness — just as scripture says of God, `a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of thy kingdom’ (Hebrews 1:8),” he said. “Remember how Esther was to be put to death if the king didn’t extend his golden scepter toward her. The golden scepter is symbolic of the cross of Jesus Christ.”

Trumpets. “When a bride arrives at a wedding, it’s a celebrated occasion,” Comfort said. “But to use trumpets to announce her arrival wouldn’t be appropriate. Not so with the coronation of a king. David instructed the use of a trumpet to herald the coronation of Solomon. It has to be something big, to announce it with the trumpet.”

Swords. Swords will be carried in front of King Charles III as he enters Westminster Abbey. “One is a blunt sword, speaking of the mercy of the gospel,” he said. “Another is a sharp sword, symbolic of judgment day. As the hymn writer says, ‘He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword.”

Anointing. King Charles III will be anointed with oil, which is symbolic of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Kings in the Old Testament were announced with oil.

Crown. The crown is symbolic of the dominion of King Charles III, especially as defender of the faith.

Coronation chair. “The coronation chair is a very old wooden chair on which British monarchs sit when they are crowned at their coronations in Westminster Abbey,” Comfort said.

It has been used since the 1200s. Underneath the chair is an ancient stone known as the “Stone of Scone.” According to legend, the stone “was used by the biblical figure Jacob as a pillow when he dreamed of a ladder reaching to heaven and then brought to Scotland by way of Egypt, Spain and Ireland,” according to History.com.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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