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Dave Ramsey shares six tips for saving money on gas

As American consumers struggle with the highest gasoline prices in history, financial guru Dave Ramsey knows says there are several ways to ease the pain. He shared these six gas tips on Fox Business.

Consolidate errands. “Don’t go to the grocery store just to get milk,” he said. “The fewer trips you take, the more money you save.”

Use cruise control on the highway. “Did you know cruise control can help you save on gas by 7 percent to 14 percent?” Ramsey asked. In addition, keeping the car at a continuous speed on the highway is most efficient for the car’s engine and transmission.

Check tire pressure Too few people take time to ensure tires are properly inflated. Don’t neglect this important process.

“There’s a myth out there that overinflating your tires can save you money on gas,” he said. “The reality is, overinflating doesn’t help anything, while underinflating your tires can actually hurt your gas mileage.”

Instead, use the recommended tire pressure for your car. Doing so “makes a real difference.”

Carpool when possible. If you work with someone who lives in your neighborhood, then trade off giving each other a ride one or two days a week, Ramsey said. Those one or two days a week will add up to major savings over time.

Use loyalty programs at grocery and warehouse stores. “A lot of grocery stores and bulk-buy stores have rewards programs for their members,” he said. “Grocery store rewards are usually totally free — and if you’re a regular shopper there, you might as well get rewarded with cheaper prices at the pump.”

A recent Fox Business report highlighted Costco, (Walmart-owned) Sam’s Club and the battle for gas customers. Bulk-buy store memberships typically come at a cost, Ramsey said, but if you’re already a member, you might as well take advantage of the extra savings they offer and be intentional about filling up there.

“If you’re not a member yet, make sure the annual fee is worth it for you to save money on gas and other things first,” he said.

Quit idling the engine. Turn off your car while you’re waiting.

“This tip is common sense,” Ramsey said, “but I’m guilty of it, too. Turn off your car when you’re not actually driving. Instead of letting your car run, turn it off. You use less gas by starting your car than by letting it idle.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice