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The cast rehearse a piece of the production. Courtesy photo.

“For the Beauty of the Earth” production bears witness to humanity

Light floods into the open room, hardwood floors warmed by the touch of the sun as dancers tread swiftly through the space. Behind the swirling movements, an easel sits with its artist crouched, surrounded by color as if a prism had broken the flooding light into its full spectrum. In this moment, a vision of collaborative art which reflects every dimension of the beauty of humanity is coming to life.

This project materialized over a year ago as Hannah Anderson, artistic director of Earthen Image Movement, dreamt up a collaboration which would become her forthcoming production debut. Anderson shares how the production “For the Beauty of the Earth,” reflects our purpose in bearing witness to the human experience.

“Last year … I was in the process of reading several books that highlight…the absolute necessity of someone witnessing our stories of pain in order for the healing process to occur,” Anderson recounts. “At some point it struck me that true art exists as a witness to the stories of humanity. If we as artists can engage in true and honest expressions of our lives as real people, then the audience will be able to see themselves in those dances, in that music, in that painting- and healing in their own hearts can occur.”


Hannah watches a rehearsal of the production. Instagram.

Earthen Image Movement, Anderson’s intimate modern dance company, is another entity birthed out of Hannah’s passion for emotional wholeness. As a dancer and choreographer who has been creating in the dance industry for over a decade, Anderson has encountered numerous artists burnt out by this highly demanding career. EIM is her attempt to create a haven for such artists to reconnect with their art in a way that honors emotional and mental health, while offering poignant healing work to the community. In its first year, EIM has performed in musicals, films, and on stage throughout the KC metro, and promises to be a staple in the local artistic community.

In this spirit of bearing witness, Anderson invited choreographers, musicians, and artists to tell their own stories in EIM’s first full production. Seth York, talented professional dancer with Bruce Wood Dance in Dallas and Anderson’s younger brother will premiere his choreography “Slack Tide” at the June concert. A collaboration between KC locals Kelsie Clark Massey, powerhouse of the local music & theater community, and Tiffany Best, choreographer and veteran dancer with Storling Dance Theater, makes its way onto the program. Arkansas-based artist Jordan EuDaly’s vibrant abstracts will be on display, and her live painting featured. Each of these artists resonates with Anderson’s desire to inspire the audience to “move forward from the performance… empowered with hope and courage to engage with those around them.”

Witness these tender offerings of life-giving art on June 14th and 15th at MidAmerica Nazarene University’s Bell Center or online with a virtual ticket. Tickets can be purchased at HERE.

Parents can check out the interactive Kids Discovery Event on June 12th at 2pm at Dramatic Truth School of the Arts! Tickets HERE.

–By Sarah Roberts | Special to Metro Voice


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