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Glenn Beck helps evacuate more than 5,000 people from Afghanistan

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is putting his money where his mouth is. His organization the Nazarene Fund has rescued 5,100 Christians and other at-risk people from Afghanistan after the Taliban took over and has raised more than $30 million for the evacuation effort.

“We will not forget those left behind,” he said in a statement. “Our mission there gets tougher and more dangerous.”

Beck, who also founded Blaze Media, noted that the refugees have been moved out of Afghanistan to an undisclosed country as they await resettlement.

“We also still have more work to do as now we have 5,100 refugees sitting in another country wondering who will claim them,” he said. “Sadly but certainly, not America. May God bless the refugees and new home countries, and may he heal their land. These refugees are good and faithful servants that make me embarrassed to call myself Christian.”

Nazarene Fund CEO Tim Ballard said last week that the U.S. government shutting down the Kabul airport prompted the organization to go dark and cease the issuance of progress updates on the refugees. “There’s still so much work to do, but we aren’t going to be reporting on that work right now,” he said in a video posted on Facebook.

Ballard also noted that the Nazarene Fund has been in contact with “literally hundreds of people” who are stuck in Kabul and warned that they are “100 percent targets” because they’re either Christians or have helped the United States. Despite being sad about the shutdown, he assured that the rescue mission is far from over and called for prayers for those in Afghanistan.

“We love you. We pray for you,” Ballard said. “Continue to turn to God for the miracles to be poured out of heaven so we can come together and help you get to freedom.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice