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Home Depot founder accuses mainstream media of fear mongering

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus is blaming the mainstream media for “frightening America.”

Speaking with Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham, Marcus said that America needs to focus on protecting the vulnerable instead of locking 320 million people down. Protests evolving into lawsuits across the country are finding even liberal judges siding against governors and mayors over their lockdown regulations.

“My age bracket is really the problem. If we take care of my age bracket, that is 70 or above, I think that we can end a lot of the problems that are out there,” Marcus said. “People that are 70 or above have to be so careful because you are compromised in many different ways. But we’re only a small portion of the population and we’re closing down everybody, in addition to the schools.”

He went on to cite Florida and Georgia as examples of states taking the correct initiatives going forward by reopening businesses.

“What they did is a perfect example of thinking and understanding that people needed to get out the house, needed to start their businesses again, needed to go to work again,” he said. “But there are bureaucrats all over the country in the blue states that are still closed and god knows when they’ll open. Those people up there, they are still struggling and it is desperation time for many of them.”