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Kansans for Life launches project to safeguard integrity of elections

Kansans for Life this week announced the launch of the KFL Election Integrity and Voting Rights Project to prepare voters ahead of this fall’s midterm elections and for years to come. This project will help the organization’s statewide grassroots network and the broader public exercise their right to vote and ensure that the state’s election integrity laws are followed.

State Rep. Blake Carpenter will spearhead the project. He has been a leading expert on election integrity issues since 2017 and was the 2021\chair of the Kansas House Election Committee. Carpenter has championed policies that protect Kansas elections, such as ensuring the governor and others cannot suspend election laws and expanding the crime of election tampering.

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“I’m proud to partner with KFL to help Kansans exercise their right to vote and ensure our state’s strong election integrity laws are fully enforced,” he said. “With the coming election so critical to future generations, we should continue to use every tool at our disposal and ensure every legal vote counts.”

Kansas voters have enjoyed the security of election protections such as voter ID and a secure mail-in advance ballot-request process for a decade. In 2021 the legislature expanded protections by reining in ballot harvesting and prohibiting non-government entities from funding election operations.

“Kansans who support fair elections should be pleased with the tools at their disposal,” KFL legal counsel James Bopp Jr. said. “It will be vital for every Kansan, including pro-life Kansans, to vote early, to vote in every election and to do so with confidence in the laws that are on the books.”

The Election Integrity and Voting Rights Project will offer help through a voter information hotline at (316) 202-5498; outreach through voter registration drives; public awareness of secure early voting options; and other outreach efforts. Kansans with specific questions about ways to vote and Kansas’ election integrity safeguards can call the hotline or email Integrity@KFL.org.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice