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Barbara Bollier has been accused of running from her radical pro-abortion record.

Kansans for Life releases Bollier abortion voting record

Kansans for Life is providing the voting record on abortion by Kansas U.S. Senate candidate Barbara Bollier.

The move comes after a Oct. 22 debate with Republican candidate Dr. Roger Marshall.  “Barbara Bollier once again lied to Kansans to cover up her extreme voting record on abortion,” Kansans for Life has stated.

At the debate bollier claimed to “stand behind” state law that “protects women,” “regulates abortion centers,” and “makes sure that people have all kinds of information,” when considering abortion.

“The fact is that Bollier vehemently opposed and voted against every single proposal regulating abortion in her eleven years as a Kansas legislator, including those designed to protect women considering abortion,” states Mary Kay Culp, speaking KFL. “It is especially ironic that she would mislead voters about that at an event where she also claimed to be running a campaign of ‘honesty and integrity.'”

KFL points out that in 2011 Bollier adamantly fought against passage of the “Abortion Facility Licensing and Inspection” (H Sub SB36) law requiring minimum health and safety standards. The law was sued by the abortion industry that now supports her race, and remains, nine long years later, in court and unenforced.

She also fought and voted against HB 2253, the 2013 Pro-life Protections Act, which updated and locked into statute KS Dept. of Health (KDHE) abortion informed consent information. It too was sued, but never enjoined, and is in effect.

The following is a list of Kansas abortion bills and laws opposed by Barbara Bollier, including the Kansas laws designed to protect women considering abortion.

bollier record

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice