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Kim Jong Un arrives in Singapore to cheers — and with his own toilet

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un arrived at Changi Airport in Singapore on Monday for the summit with President Trump and was met with celebrity treatment. He also apparently arrived with his own toilet in tow.

Wait…his own toilet?

According to The Chosunilbo, one of South Korea’s largest newspapers, Kim’s people brought a toilet with their supreme leader, to “deny determined sewer divers insights into the supreme leader’s stools.”

He also brought his own toilet when he met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in the demilitarized zone village of Panmunjom, according to The New Yorker. USA Today reported that it is not unusual for Kim to bring his own toilet with him during his travels away from home.

He also brought his own pens and pencils with him. That in itself is not extraordinary, lots of people bring their own writing implements, but Kim did this so that no fingerprints would be left behind. He also had his staff wipe down everything he touched.

When Kim arrived in Singapore, on a fleet of three Chinese planes, he was met with the type of welcome that a celebrity might receive.

Kim toured attractions, took a smiling selfie with the Singapore foreign minister, and was met with loud cheers. It’s unclear who exactly his fans were, but some in the crowd shouted “Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim! We love you, Mr. Kim!” as Kim toured Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Despite his warm welcome in Singapore, Kim has been accused of numerous human rights violations against his own people.

Kim is in Singapore to meet with President Donald Trump for a long-awaited summit between the two world leaders. Trump had briefly cancelled the summit, citing a “recent statement” by North Korea, but un-cancelled it after meeting on June 1 with North Korean envoy Kim Yong Chol.

The summit will begin at 9 a.m. on Tuesday in Singapore, which is 9 p.m. Monday in Washington D.C.


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 (Photo: Terence Tan for Ministry of Communications and Information Singapore/via Getty Images)


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