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Times Square is filled with everything on billboards from virtually naked men and women to misogynist music artists. Just not babies.

Letter to the Editor: Times Square Witness


Dear Editor,

A few days ago there was a prolife event in Times Square, New York where legislation against the unborn is currently at its most harsh.

There was the usual mix of speakers, abortion survivors and prolife advocates and a crowd of 20,000 supporters. A group of 2,000 pro-abortion supporters also attended to disrupt the event but they got more than they bargained for. One of the speakers prayed for the protesters; others who had had abortions themselves and had previously shared their views expressed their sorrow and regret.

Towards the close of proceedings, the former Planned Parenthood Director (turned pro-lifer) Abby Johnson was in the back of a van hooked-up to a 4D ultrasound machine scanning her new baby in her womb. The sleepy baby’s face, in great picture clarity, was beamed to large screens on the stage and the audience fell silent.

After a few moments the technician doing the scan amplified the sounds coming from the womb, and a thunderous heart beat reverberated around the square. A more concise or eloquent testimony cannot be imagined.

All else was silent, even the pro-abortion protesters skulked away in defeat.

Yours sincerely
Stephen A Clark

Manila, Philippines
13th May 2019