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Liberty or death: there is no Option C

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” –Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

“As to the other two acts, the Massachusetts must suffer all the hazards and mischiefs of war rather than admit the alteration of their charters and laws by Parliament. ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’” Benjamin Franklin Paraphrasing himself from 1755 in 1775

“The primary goal of the Stay Home, Stay Safe order has always been to protect human life.” Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan 2020

The year was 1775, America, the colonies, stood at a precipice. Would she be a free a nation or subservient to an uncaring body politic who care not for them nor the law but for filling their coffers? For many, war never desired not contemplated.

Still, the British had already proclaimed war as the Red Coats took the liberties away from freemen. Those in Boston fought. Washington led troops to battle In New York.

The British had caused many injustices throughout the colonies claiming it to be lawful though no lover of law, liberty, and the Magna Carta could honestly say it that it was lawful. The British overreach of power was just one of many problems the Colonists dealt with along with the normal struggles of life they dealt with plagues of small dysentery, malaria, and a small pox epidemic. Most just wanted to be left alone and let the British government do what it was going to do.

This was the time in a small hall in Philadelphia and a small church in Richmond, Virginia where Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry uttered these famous words. For Franklin, he argued with those who believed they were safer under British rule than under Colonial rule. For Henry, he argued that the war has already started. Peace was a fantasy and it was better to die free than to live in the bondage of a government who would not obey its own laws. For them, there were only two options: Liberty or Death.

245 years later, we find ourselves almost in the same position. Governor Whitmer’s words match the sentiment of far too many politicians in positions of power such as mayors and governors as well as the media. This sentiment is the exact opposite of our Founding Fathers and what it means to be an American. Americans historically do not hide in fear but face it and overcome it. Whitmer and her kind want us to sacrifice our liberty for safety from fear of a cold virus.

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Much like Hitler with his the Nazi party of Germany and Stalin with his Communist Party of Russia, they use science to stoke fear and justify their actions. As a reminder, any science that contradicts the math is a science falsely called. The numbers never matched what the CDC and WHO prescribed.

We were told that science (faulty models created by a man whose previous models predicted the H1NI virus would be 600 times more deadly) that cold virus called Corona would kill 2% of the population. The numbers then suggested the numbers were closer to .02% and upon this writing only 6% of the Covid Deaths actually died from Covid-19 according to the CDC. Also, to put things in context according to WHO, 2% of annual deaths come from the flu.

We were told that science dictated that we social distance even though for over a decade scientists mocked the whole idea which came from the mind of a teenager in the early 2000’s who George W. Bush highly praised. The distance varies by the continent therefore disproving that social distancing is scientific law. Meanwhile, this has been used to shut down churches, stop peaceable assembly, and silence free speech which are all found in the first amendment. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube have gleefully joined with the “science” in silencing any who dare contradict the WHO and the CDC. Remember according to those in power, the limiting and stripping of liberty was done for our safety.

We were told that science dictate we lockdown the healthy along with the sick to stop the spread of the virus which contradicts centuries of science which dictated to just allow the virus to pass through and go through its course. This also allowed many governments to excuse their dictatorial behavior as they enacted several counts of socialism in determining who gets to remain open and who must remain closed, who gets to travel  (themselves) and who remains home, and who gets to work and who doesn’t. Again they say it was for our safety. People nodded their heads and chose safety over liberty. After all it was only for a few weeks and now over six months later we are neither safe nor free. In October, WHO proclaimed that lockdowns are far more dangerous than the virus. Why? Because the lockdown drives more people to poverty and poverty has 4-7% mortality which is higher than the highest forecast for the Virus. For this safety, America traded away its liberty.

We were told that science said we needed to wear masks reversing decades of CDC stating that it was dangerous to the healthy.  After the Spanish Flu, studies were done to see the effectiveness of masks. They found that cities that enforced a mask mandate were worse off than the rest of the country that did not as the Spanish Flu killed more amongst the mask wearers than anywhere else. Why? Scientifically speaking, wearing masks weakened the immune system and also caused chronic respiratory conditions. Google has hidden those studies. Since 2007, there were seven studies published on the ineffectiveness of masks concerning viruses including one in 2020. CDC said the same until late April/ early May when they flip-flopped and demanded all wear masks. Google quickly erased all mention of the dangers of wearing a mask. Fast forward until today, the CDC published a report that show that 3.9% of the Covid positive tests came from those who never wear masks compared to the 70.6% of those who wore masks all the time. The other percentages are split between those who rarely wear mask and those wear masks most of the time. 96.1% of those who contracted the virus wore masks from one degree to another. Freebreathers are more likely not too according to this report possibly due to a stronger immune system.  Remember that as Freebreathers are kicked out of Walmart, berated, and physically assaulted by those who live in fear. For this, liberty was traded.

We were told that science said there was no cure. That is despite certain East Asian countries who proclaimed HQL as a cure back in February and therefore have had fewer Covid deaths. Trump touted it. For both economic (the FDA, CDC, and Dr. Fauci could make millions of a vaccine and a treatment) and political (the Left needed to crash the economy to lessen the chance of a Trump reelection), the left with its media vilified the cure and any doctor who believed it worked (ex. Frontline Doctors). Many governors, politicians, and hospitals threatened to end the careers of any doctor that prescribed HQL. Finally after several months, the FDA conceded that HQL works 50% of the time it’s used but still would not promote its use. For the sense of safety, half those that died from Covid died needlessly as their freedom of choice was taken away.

For a sense of a security, Governors forced the infected into retirement homes filled with the most vulnerable causing 40% of the total deaths. For a sense of a security, hundreds of thousands lost their jobs and tens of thousands lost their businesses. For sense of a security, churches shut their doors with many cases of government officials ignoring the Constitution to do so. For a sense of security, we allowed freedom of speech to be silenced. For a sense of security, tens of thousands were trapped inside homes of abusive spouses and parents who did not lose their access to their fuel, alcohol. For a sense of security, our children have been robbed of not only a year of their lives but their own sense of security. For a sense of security, people will die because they were denied the necessary medical access for fear that hospitals would be overrun which they never were.

Franklin said that if you trade your liberty for security that you deserve neither. Sadly, you will wind up with neither as loss of freedom always leads to enslavement by the government. Despite all these draconian measures most people don’t feel safe because they are not safe.

The crux of the 2020 election is a simple choice. One party offers freedom. The other offers a sense of security. For our founding fathers, they had no option C. They chose liberty and for many their choice led to their death. For them, death was preferable to enslavement to the government which is a long, slow, harsh death. What is your choice?

–George Ismael Feliu