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“Miracle on Christmas” movie focuses on reason for season in difficult year

Cooler weather means the holiday season – and a new round of Christmas movies – is on the way.

“Miracle on Christmas,” an uplifting, faith-based, holiday movie starring Erin Bethea (“Fireproof”), Jason Burkey (“October Baby”), Brett Varvel (“Play the Flute”) and Micah Lynn Hanson (“Like Arrows’”, releases on DVD and streaming platforms on November 3.

christmas seasonThe film tells the story of Mary Boyce (Bethea), a woman dealing with open loss, hidden fears and wavering in her faith as she hosts the annual family Christmas get-together. Her loved ones sense something is amiss, but it takes an unexpected visitor (Varvel) to refocus the attention of one and all on the real miracle of the season — the birth of Christ — and the hope that transcends even the starkest life circumstances.

Having previewed the movie, actor Mark Christopher Lawrence believes “Miracle on Christmas” is particularly timely in light of our nation’s recent trials:

“Right now, at this moment in history, what we need is a reminder that God is on our side,” he said. “This film gives us that hope and joy and reminds us that in the middle of the hardest times, he sees our struggles.”


Actress Robia Scott (“Unplanned”) felt a connection to the movie on an emotional level, saying, “It is faith-centered, family-friendly, uplifting and — above all — thoroughly enjoyable.”

Deemed “too Christian for Christmas” by some of the big Hollywood players who screened it, “Miracle on Christmas’” is the debut effort from writer/director Thomas Bonifield, former Moscow bureau chief and deputy foreign editor at NBC News.

The movie has snow, lots of classic Christmas carols and plenty of decorations, but Bonifield said, “It endeavors to break the mold of the cookie-cutter Yuletide pictures of recent years. This movie will also push you to reflect as it tackles hard questions with solid answers grounded in timeless biblical truths about God’s steadfast love and faithfulness even in times of trouble.”

‘Miracle on Christmas’ is available now for pre-order at Amazon, Walmart and Target. For more information and to watch the trailer, visit https://www.miracleonchristmas.com/.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice