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Both Biden and Trump attend church during weekend campaign swings

President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden included church visits on their weekend campaign swings.

Biden was in North Carolina, where he again criticized the president for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. “Experts say we’re likely to lose as many 200,000 additional lives nationwide between now and the end of the year,” Biden said, “all because this president cares more about his Park Avenue perspective on the world, the stock market, than he does about you.”

Biden, who describes himself as Catholic, has been denied communion in the past over his support for abortion until birth. Nevertheless, he has continued to court liberal Catholics who don’t support church teachings on respect for the unborn.

Trump barnstormed through Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada over the weekend. Biden attended mass Sunday in Delaware. Trump went to church Sunday in Nevada, a state he’s trying to win this time after narrowly losing it in 2016. Pastor Denise Goulet of the International Church of Las Vegas said God gave her a word about the president.

“At 4:30 (a.m.), the Lord said to me, `I am going to give your president a second win.’ This has three meanings, a win. And you will be the president again,” Goulet said.

Trump has been rumored to have become a Christian within the last 5 years though he remains private about his faith. He was mocked in the 2016 election for having referred to the second book of Corinthians in a manner not usually used.

Democrats are taking no chances. They’re set to outspend Trump in Nevada in the closing days by a more than 3-to-1 margin. But the Trump campaign is hoping to make inroads with the state’s Latino voters as he’s pushed his message on the economy and crime.

Long lines already are forming at some early voting sites, with more than 26 million Americans having cast their ballots The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has Biden up by 12 points, the same margin Hillary Clinton held at this point in October 2016.

Fearing a repeat of four years ago, the Biden campaign warned in a memo to supporters that “Donald Trump can still win this race… we need to campaign like we’re trailing,” and, “In the key battleground states where this election will be decided, we remain neck and neck with Donald Trump.”

The president is also staying on the attack against Biden. Trump told supporters in Wisconsin, “If I lose, can you imagine? I will have lost to the worst candidate, the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics.”

Sources close to the Trump campaign have said that internal polling is indicating victory in both the Electoral College and popular vote. In a nod that the race is tighter than what the national news media is reporting, the Biden campaign sent out an email to workers across the country admitting as much, saying the race is “closer” than what national polls are showing.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice