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Parson’s former chief of staff denounces Democrat TV ad that used his image

Martin “Bub” Hohulin, former chief of staff to Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, said the Democratic Governors Association used footage of him in a TV commercial without his permission

“Nobody asked my permission to use my image and my words in this ad,” Hohulin told “The Missouri Times.” “I’ve had my differences with Mike Parson in the past, but I would never support a liberal like Nicole Galloway who would lead us on a path toward socialism, gun confiscation and abortion on demand. No one even called me to let me know. To me, it’s all very deceptive.”

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Mike Berg, a spokesman for Uniting Missouri, said the ad was a “use of D.C. tactics to attack the governor.”

“I think Nicole Galloway’s D.C. group put out an ad without Bubs’ permission, and I think he’s rightfully upset that they’re trying to make it seem like he endorses Galloway when they’re diametrically opposed,” Berg said. “I think they’re trying to cover for Galloway because she was exposed as an insider. I think they’re trying to muddy the waters.”

A spokesman for Galloway said the campaign was not involved in the ad’s production. A representative from the Democratic Governors Association did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hohulin served as Parson’s chief of staff from 2013 to 2014 during his tenure in the state Senate. Hohulin is also a former member of the Missouri House. The association voiced its support of Galloway’s bid for governor this month. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, chair of the association, called Galloway a “star” in a recent overview of gubernatorial races and participated in a virtual press conference with her earlier this month.

As of the latest reports Parson had more than $1.67 million cash on hand. Galloway wasn’t too far behind with about $1.58 million.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice