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Romney may not endorse in 2020

Failed US Presidential candidate, and Utah Senator, Mitt Romney says he is not sure if he will endorse President Donald Trump for the second term.  He added that he won’t necessarily support anyone during the 2020 campaign.

The former Republican presidential candidate, who lost his bid for the nation’s highest office when he was trounced by President Barack Obama, told reporters, “I don’t think endorsements are worth a thimble of spit,” adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised if I stay out of the endorsements.”

The Utah senator thinks that it’s very likely that Trump wins the 2020 election due to the current strong economy, albeit “it’s not a sure thing.” He thinks it’s still too early for endorsements.

Romney has attempted to set himself up as the elder statesman while being on the wrong side of most issues that Americans support, according to polling.

Romney has been one of the keenest critics from the GOP of Donald Trump on occasion, nevertheless supporting him on other issues. Trump endorsed Romney’s run for Senate after Romney had asked for it.

Romney was against the president’s plan to apply tariffs on Mexico as a strategy to curb the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States even though the issue was supported in large numbers by the American people.

Romney and other critics of the plan are seen to have been a bit too hasty in their criticism. The president and Mexico reached a deal on Friday to avert them with Mexico promising to send 6,000 more troops to its own southern border and beefing up security along the border with the United States.

Romney is in the same line of thinking as the aforementioned, “Punishing Mexico in some way is, in my opinion, a very bad idea. It’s also expensive for Americans,” he said before the threats bore fruit on Friday.

On the other hand, the senator was supportive of Trump’s imposition of tariffs on China, saying that they have been violating international free-trade rules.

“President Trump was right to push back hard on China, and I support that effort,” he said.

He also warned about underestimating China, saying that they are increasingly innovative on technologies such as A.I. He said he would have instead assembled an alliance to present a united front to China.

“I don’t think there’s much recognition in the United States about the long-term issues with China,” he said during a speech at the E2 Summit. “We haven’t laid out a real comprehensive strategy to say, ‘How do we up our game dramatically?’”

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