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Photo courtesy of Bibles for China.

Some good news about Bibles reaching Chinese Christians

Every week there is disturbing and sad news coming from China. From the destruction of churches, imprisonment of Christians and suppression of Christian thought across all parts of that Chinese society, Christians are under fire.

But now there’s some good news to report. An organization with the goal of getting more Bibles into the world’s most populous nation is finding success.

After a tumultuous year for Christian in the Communist country, Bibles for China is sharing how God is still moving mightily in the land.

Wendell Rovenstine, President of Bibles for China says they distributed nearly 55,000 copies of God’s Word in 15 Chinese provinces this year.

Most of Bibles for China’s work today is through local Chinese believers.

“Over the last several years, I think most organizations have realized that that can’t be done by Westerners or another country coming in as foreigners within China,” Rovenstine says. “The team members that we have in China [are] discovering opportunities that we didn’t know or couldn’t discover ourselves…. They’re finding new provinces we can go to if there’s not a foreigner involved.”

The ministry also works with Chinese students at colleges and universities in the United States. “We resource Bibles to them, they can take them back into the country, and we believe very strongly the sowing of God’s Word is eternal [and] makes a difference.”

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

Bibles for China’s offerings have expanded too. They now distribute everything from standard print Bibles and Gospels of John to Crossway Study Bibles and Wiersbe Bible Commentaries.

They’re also looking at going high-tech. “We’re talking about maybe developing hubs with these churches that we’re listening to and going to,” Rovenstine says. “They could bring in a hub and be able to reach downloads that they would be able to have in these Bible study groups…within China.”

Rovenstine notes one of the most encouraging parts of ministry is connecting with other organizations who are just as passionate about proclaiming the name of Jesus.

“It always just overwhelms me when I realize that the Bible through YouVersion, through Wycliffe, through The Bible Project, the Bible is being disseminated all over the world.”

Today, believers from 45 countries are supporting our Chinese Christian brothers and sisters through Bibles for China. “I would have said, ‘That’s impossible!’” Rovenstine reflects. “But from Zambia to Singapore, we have individuals that have discovered us on BiblesforChina.org and have made a contribution to the ministry.”

As Bibles for China approaches the New Year the organization says this is a great time to get involved with the ministry.

The Bibles they distribute all come with varying costs, so donations are always invaluable. Rovenstine says donors can rest assured that their financial support will go towards one purpose.

“Quite often, we get requests for somebody that wants to publish a book for Easter or publish a book for Christmas or publish a book in relationship to the history of Christianity in China and what’s transpired. We always are very firm. Our partners give money for Bibles, and our funds go for Bibles.”

Please pray for Chinese believers receiving Bibles to share them with others. Ask God to protect churches in China as they proclaim the Gospel, and for spiritual revival to ultimately sweep the nation.

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