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TV adventurer Bear Grylls supports Russell Brand in newfound faith

grylls brand

Bear Grylls, the popular outdoor adventure television star and author, is supporting new Chrisitan Russell Brand despite sexual assault allegations against him. “Russell, you know, it was a privilege to stand beside ...

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Ancient manuscript details childhood of Jesus

manuscript Jesus

A papyrus dating back to the fourth or fifth century is the oldest-ever manuscript with details about the childhood of Jesus, German researchers say. The document had been stored at a library ...

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English churches join forces to spread gospel with Andrew Palau event

churches palau

The United Kingdom is in need of a spiritual awakening, and more than 70 churches joined to sponsor a crusade with evangelist Andrew Palau. The evangelistic event, along with more than a ...

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Historic all-sign-language movie ‘Jesus: A Deaf Missions Film’ comes to theaters

jesus deaf

(RNS) — Joseph Josselyn remembers being fascinated by the 1977 drama “Jesus of Nazareth” — but as a Deaf child, he had to rely on closed captions to catch the dialogue. “I ...

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Day of the Christian Martyr June 29 will focus on ISIS victims

Christians around the world will observe the Day of the Christian Martyr on June 29, which church tradition holds was the day that the Apostle Paul was beheaded in Rome. In advance ...

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Muslim convert urges churches to evangelize their local Islamic communities

islamic muslim

Churches need to do more to evangelize the growing U.S. Islamic population, a Muslim Somalian refugee who became a Christian missionary says. “We take our personal discipleship and personal growth very seriously, ...

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Former prominent atheist shares journey to Christian faith


Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former atheist and leader in the New Atheism movement, has retracted her past assertions that all religions, including Christianity, were equally damaging. “I do regret doing that,” she ...

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‘Deconstruction’ of Christian faith can have dangerous consequences, author says


“Deconstruction” of one’s faith has become a popular – and concerning – trend in the church, author Alisa Childers said. “I do think it’s a fad, although a lot of people would ...

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Actor Russell Brand’s spiritual quest leads to baptism            

russell brand christ

Actor Russell Brand has announced that has been baptized as a Christian. The news comes after Brand had been open about his spiritual journey with fans noticing his comments continued to come ...

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Fewer Americans are reading the Bible: Why it matters

fewer bible

How many people today are engaging the Bible in any meaningful way? Apparently, fewer than you might think. In April 2024, the American Bible Society (ABS) published their annual “State of the ...

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Although a committed atheist, Richard Dawkins nevertheless prefers Christianity to Islam


Although author Richard Dawkins is a strident atheist, he regrets the waning influence of faith in Europe. You can watch the video below. “I call myself a cultural Christian,” the evolutionary biologist ...

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“They’re attacking churches in America,” says pastor after 200 Bibles burned on Easter

bibles burned

Police in Tennessee continue to investigate a hate crime in which 200 Bibles were burned outside a small church on Easter morning. Greg Locke, pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. ...

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Behold the man: Good Friday reminds us of Christ’s humanity

One of the most powerful declarations of who Jesus is came from Pontius Pilate when he said, “Behold the man.” “This statement may seem insignificant, but it reflects a paradox at the ...

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NBA player shares message of Jesus’ return at postgame news conference

jesus player

Basketball player Jaden Ivey of the Detroit Pistons recently shared his faith at a post-game news conference. He said “Jesus is coming back” and attributed his strong athletic performance to divine intervention. ...

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“Living on borrowed time,” man preaches in spite of health

Although John Parks has battled a heart attack, cancer and COVID-19 over the past dozen years, God had a plan for his life. “God isn’t done with me yet,” he says. “I’m ...

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Britain debates asylum policy as Muslims claim conversion To Christianity

christianity asylum

(ANALYSIS) The United Kingdom is facing a crisis of illegal immigration parallel to that of the U.S., with very high numbers of people coming over the border, reaching a record net high ...

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Bible Study Fellowship plans move to Dallas area

study fellowship

Bible Study Fellowship is moving its headquarters to the Dallas/Fort Worth area from San Antonio, where it has been located since 1980. The precise location within the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area has ...

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He Gets Us commercial kicked off conversation, which is what sponsors wanted

gets us

The He Gets Us commercials that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl have drawn both local and national criticism but the producer is not backing down. Jason Vanderground of BrandHaven, the marketing firm ...

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Christian Chiefs players have priorities in order on Super Bowl Sunday

christian chiefs butker fathers kicker

 Although hundreds of millions of people around the world will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, Christian athletes will be playing for an audience of one. “The Washington Times” spotlighted several ...

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It’s time to stand up against evil, Eric Metaxas tells American Christians

metaxas evil

Eric Metaxas, the popular author and radio host, is calling on Christians to take a stand against evil in the current culture. “It’s up to believers to speak up for what is ...

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Toby Keith said faith was his rock during cancer journey

keith cancer

Country music star Toby Keith leaned on his faith to battle cancer before his death on February 5. He discussed his ordeal last month in an interview with an Oklahoma City television ...

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Asbury Revival’s Surprise for America

asbury america

We’ve prayed for revival in America for decades. But do we know what to do when it happens? It’s been one year since the revival at Asbury University in central Kentucky began ...

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Chiefs, 49ers have something in common – Christian quarterbacks

chiefs 49ers

Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Brock Purdy of the San Francisco 49ers are both fierce competitors. But when they square off in the Super Bowl on Sunday, it ...

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Former Palestinian sniper says revival starting among Gazans

More than 200 Gazans recently accepted Christ, according to Taysir “Tass” Abu Saada, a former Palestinian sniper who is now a Christian and lives in the Kansas City area. “Many Muslims are ...

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Middle East war won’t stop the gospel says John Piper

Liberty piper east political relationships

Despite the turmoil in the Middle East, God is still in control, pastor and author John Piper said in response to a question on a recent podcast. He referenced Matthew 24:5-14, in which ...

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