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President secures return of the remains of 55 American soldiers from North Korea


PYEONGTAEK, South Korea — In early June, Democrats and the media scoffed at the idea that a Trump summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un would produce any tangible results. This ...

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North Korea begins dismantling ballistic missile facilities

North Korea has started dismantling key facilities at a rocket-engine test center, a group of experts said Monday, potentially marking a significant step after last month’s historic summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald ...

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North Korea cancels annual anti-America rally

rally secretly gospel

For the first time in decades, North Korea has decided not to hold its annual anti-US imperialism rally which has been a tradition since the regime entrenched its power after the Korean ...

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Pastor encourages prayer for success of Korean negotiations


SINGAPORE – Christians around the world, including many Koreans, are attributing the success of the Trump summit with Kim Jon un, to prayer and the many sacrifices of persecuted North Korean Christians. ...

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Franklin Graham to N Korea: Christians are not your enemy


Evangelist Franklin Graham has a rich family history in North Korea. His mother, Ruth Graham, attended high school in Pyongyang in the 1930’s. His father, Billy Graham, visited the communist country in ...

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Norwegians nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

nobel, nobel

One day after holding a historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Two Norwegian lawmakers – Christian Tybring-Gjedde and Per-Willy ...

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North Korean summit reminiscent of Reagan in Moscow


President Trump will meet Tuesday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a historic summit that has hopes of changing world history by ending a 70-year war. Thirty years ago another ...

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North Koreans bow to Trump, destroy nuclear test sites


In another foreign policy accomplishment for the Trump administration, North Korea has carried out today what it promised– the demolition of its nuclear test site by setting off a series of explosions ...

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Christian hostages welcomed home by President Trump

hostages freed

After years in a North Korean prison, three hostages found their freedom as the Christian American men were greeted by President Donald Trump beneath a giant American flag after they returned home ...

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Christian hostages may return home from N. Korea with President


Metro Voice regularly asks our readers to pray for those being persecuted for their faith. We have some good news! Three Americans detained in North Korea, have reportedly been moved from a labor ...

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Breaking News: Trump to meet N. Korea dictator Kim Jong Un

USA Today is reporting that President Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May for high-level talks toward creating a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. The news was announced by ...

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Whoopi Goldberg says VP Pence needs to show more respect to North Korea

Whoopi Goldberg is saying crazy things again. And this time it is connected to the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The co-host of The View is apparently beside herself that pro-life Vice ...

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