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President Trump in a White House briefing.

Why Trump?

Five years ago, if I was told that Donald Trump was going to be President, I would not have believed you. He won and now is up for reelection. How did we get here?

Why Trump?

The Republican Party failed the American people. George Bush raised taxes and pushed a New World Order. George W. Bush introduced Compassionate Conservatism which was basically a Democrat in every way except they are pro-life and strong on military. The party followed W’s lead as they spent money and plunged our country into deeper and deeper debt following the example of scores of years of Democrat spending. Despite what pundits say, this was the birth of the Tea Party movement. They lost both Houses because of it. They only turned on W on amnesty. By that time, it was too late.

Why Trump?

The Democrat Party turned their back on America. Since the sixties, the Democrats have been on Russia’s side. It can be traced back to FDR and his love affair with socialism. Bill Clinton sold our military secrets to the Chi-Coms for money for his library and his charity which pays him and his wife 90% of their income. After 9/11, the Democrats sided with the terrorist nations. They also always chose those that are illegally here over those who are citizens and legally here on visas. They too also lavished themselves and their business cronies with taxpayer dollars which included a private jet for the then and current Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi). Under Obama, things got worse. He rose taxes, recreated a racial divide that we near gone, aided our enemies while attacking our allies, made America the biggest funder of terrorism by lifting Iranian sanctions and giving them billions of dollars, sent our nation into a what he claimed was “the new normal” recession, involved us in more pointless wars, and weakened our Nation in the eyes of the world in every way including financially as we got downgraded by the World Bank. He even began the failed silent coup against the next president.

Why Trump?

For years, the Democrats have praised him and told him he should run for President. The Black Community loved him for what he did for them. The media made him a reality TV star. Despite all his faults, he genuinely loved America.

Why Trump?

In 2016, Ben Carson is a paragon of virtue. Ted Cruz is a Constitutional savant. Marco Rubio is a shining example of the American Dream. Trump lost in these categories. Fox shredded him. He had one thing for him, he fought back. True Ted Cruz had a reputation for fighting back but because of Trump’s wealth, he was independent of all political money and seen as an outsider. Perhaps because he spent so much time with Democrats, he verbally assaulted those he ran against cutting away what little leg the media left them to stand on. The Media believed Trump had no chance to beat Hillary. Those who watched soon were convinced otherwise.

Trump was uncouth. Trump was a typical New Yorker. He played by NYC rules. “You come after me; then I come after you.” He went after “Crooked Hillary” one of the most corrupt politicians in American history. Hillary stopped campaigning. Whether it was from health or that each sighting hurt her cause, I cannot say. Despite the odds against him, Trump won.

On the morning after winning, the media swore they would do whatever it took to get rid of him as president. The Deep State did everything it could to oust the President. Leftist threw out life after lie only for it to backfire.

They only succeeded in slowing him down. The wall is still being built. The Impeachment failed. The economy is rebounding again.

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Why Trump?

The Democrat Party is the party of racism. They are the party of the Trail of Tears. They are the party of slavery. They are the party of Jim Crow. They are party of George Wallace.

They are the party of Karl Marx. They are the party of Abortions on Demand. They are the party of criminals.

They are the party of covetousness. They are the party of greed. They are the party of anger. They are the party of hate.

They are the party of rioters. They are the party of looters. They are the party of burning the flag. They are the party of taking a knee.

They are the party of Gun Control (repeal the 2nd Amendment). They are the party of defund the police. They are the party of Antifa (a group of fascist). They are the party of BLM (a movement that is anti-church, anti-family, and anti-American).

They are the party against Israel (which is the polite way of saying they hate Jews).They are the party of high taxation. They are the party of amnesty.

They are the party that protects rapist. They are the party that shields pedophile. They are the party of human trafficking that an open border makes easy.

They are the party that shuts down churches. They are the party that dictates churches can’t sing. They are the party which censors church services on the internet. They are the anti-Bible party.

They are the party that silences those who disagree with their stances such as the Frontline Doctors. They are the party of death. They are the party that looks at our bill of rights as negative rights because it limits their power. They are the anti-Constitution party. They are the party of activist judges that overrule the will of the people and the Constitution.

They are the party of Elitists. They are the anti-American Party. They are our National Socialist Party. They are also the Communist Party. They are the party of tyrants.

Why Trump?

America stands at a precipice. Our nations stands on wobbly knees ready to fall over a cliff. He may be the last candidate that represents our country as it was meant to be. He may be the last candidate to call Christ, Lord. Despite his faults, he may be the only hope for America to remain free.

–George Ismael Feliu