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Randy Alcorn

Wife of author Randy Alcorn loses battle with cancer

Nanci Alcorn, the wife of Christian author Randy Alcorn, has died.

“Nanci is with Jesus,” Alcorn wrote of his wife Nanci, who died of colon cancer. “So happy for her. Sad for us. But the happiness for her triumphs over the sadness. Grieving is ahead, and it will be hard, but these last years and especially this last month have given us a headstart on the grieving process.”

“All God’s children really will live happily ever after. This is not a fairytale, it is the blood-bought promise of Jesus. What a great and kind God He is. As of a few hours ago, Nanci now lives where she sees this firsthand, in the place where Joy truly is the air she breathes.”

He had posted a request for prayers earlier this week.

“A timely prayer request: on Saturday my wife Nanci told me she felt she didn’t have much time left in this world,” he wrote on Twitter. “If Nanci is right that not much time remains, then this will likely be the final gathering IN THIS WORLD of our tribe of 11. Thankfully, eternal life transcends the grave. This world now under the curse is a broken world waiting and longing to be redeemed (Romans 8).

“Nanci’s ready to be with Jesus. But she wanted, and of course I concur, to speak into the lives of our kids and especially our grandkids. I would deeply appreciate your prayers for her and for this unique and I suspect unforgettable family gathering.”

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Nanci was diagnosed with colon cancer in spring 2018. A year ago, he announced that the cancer had spread into her lungs. Alcorn, who has been sharing updates about his wife’s condition on his blog, wrote on Monday that he has been encouraging Nanci with praise music and reading to her from her journals and God’s word. At the same time, however, he noted that her hospice nurse said Nanci, who is growing weaker by the day, “may have less than a week to live.”

Nearing the end of her life, Alcorn recalled assuring his wife that she would soon meet her savior.

“Let go and be with the person you love the most and have always dreamed of meeting face to face,” he wrote. “One day soon, I’ll join you there, and so will the people on earth that you love the most,. Well done, good and faithful daughter of God. What a privilege, my sweetheart, to have lived this life with you. I so look forward to the wonders and glories we will experience together in the world to come, where joy will be the air we breathe.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice