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Biden voters much less likely to have biblical worldview, survey finds

President Biden’s base of supporters is 60 percent less likely to hold a biblical worldview than other Americans. Although nearly two-thirds of those voters consider themselves to be Christian, many of their religious beliefs and policy positions are at odds with the views of most Americans and traditional biblical teaching.

The latest findings from the 2020 Post-Election Survey from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University provide new insights into the faith of roughly 81 million Americans — about 31 percent of all American adults — who voted for President Biden in November.

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Most (56 percent) described themselves as “spiritual but not religious” and only three out of 10 believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Biden supporters are less likely to believe the Bible is true (30 percent) and reject the idea of absolute moral truth (75 percent). Instead, Biden voters are more likely to believe moral truth is up to each individual and that there are no moral absolutes that apply to everyone, all the time — 75 percent of Biden supporters hold this position compared to 67 percent of all American adults.

The post-election survey showed that Trump won most votes cast by adults who usually attend Protestant churches (47 percent compared to Biden’s 33 percent), while Biden received almost twice as many votes (45 percent to 25 percent) among adults in the “Don’ts” faith segment (i.e., they don’t know if God exists, don’t believe that God exists or don’t care if God exists). That group provided 29 percent of the Biden vote.

The survey conducted by Dr. George Barna also found that the religious views of Biden’s voters directly translate to their policy preferences. For instance, 60 percent of his base, which is largely pro-abortion, argues that “the Bible is ambiguous on the matter of abortion; it is possible to make compelling biblical arguments either for or against abortion.” Earlier finding showed Biden voters are more politically liberal than most U.S. adults on fiscal, social and governance issues and are substantially more likely than most Americans to prefer socialism to capitalism.

The latest findings suggest Biden voters will be more likely to support policies that run counter to biblical teaching, including allowing churches and all forms of worship to be restricted due to COVID; eliminating tax exemptions for churches; promoting alternative faiths in public school classrooms and curriculum; broader support for abortion and others.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice