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Christian ministry responds to Fulani Muslim violence with a school

Christian villages across Nigeria and other African nations are burning, usually at the hands of Fulani Muslim herdsmen. The conflict between Muslims and Christians is hundreds of years old and a quick internet search reveals mass genocide of Christians at the hands of these herdsmen going back hundreds of years.

Fulani herdsmen are known for regular and horrific attacks against Christian believers, but Pastor Brad Brandon of Across Nigeria knows the Gospel “is the power of God unto salvation.”

One way to change the hearts of future Fulani generations is education. This month, construction started on the first school for Fulani Muslims built by Across Nigeria in the area.

“This is the biggest step in reaching the Fulani in nearly 200 years,” stated Brandon. “We are excited to see this project started and I wanted to share it with you all.”

Fulani militia storm a Christian village in Nigeria.

“We began with a brief meeting with the village elders, where we prayed with them and they gave us formal permission to break ground. Immediately after that the foreman gathered his men and start working.”

Across Nigeria exists for the purpose of bringing the message of God’s love to every part of Nigeria.

The country is being torn apart by terrorism, corruption, and poverty. These problems are huge, but they have created unbelievable opportunities to deliver the message of Christ to people who desperately need it.

The mission of Across Nigeria to the Fulani Muslim community is:

** To bring the gospel message of Jesus Christ everywhere we go. “We believe it is the power of the gospel that brings real healing and lasting change,” Brandon said.

** To disciple believers in the word of God. “We teach believers the deepness and meaning of being a follower of Jesus Christ,” said Brandon.

** To help persecuted Christians by delivering aid and comfort. He added: “We deliver basic essentials that they are lacking and help to raise awareness of the crisis.”

Brandon continued: “We use these opportunities to bring aid and help to assist the people of Nigeria. The problems in Nigeria are very diverse.

“Many areas lack sufficient food and nourishment, leading to starvation. There is also a serious lack of medical help and supplies. Many children to not have access to education and schools.

“We use all of these problems and others, to bring the love of Christ to people in need. We believe that compassion for others is major part of making a difference.”

Brandon has been in pastoral ministry for nearly 20 years. He has been involved in planting churches in the Midwest and New England and currently serves as Lead Pastor at FBBC in CT. He is also active on the mission field in Nigeria reaching Muslim Fulani villages and helping oppressed and persecuted Christians.

Brandon concluded: “Today, we are headed to Kaduna to meet with another Fulani community that is desiring to have one of our schools in their villages. It is really amazing what God is doing here!”

Please continue to pray that God would open doors and hearts in the Fulani communities. This location is directly in the middle of 5 Fulani communities and has the potential to reach over 500 Fulani children with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

–Michael Ireland is an Internet journalist and Media Missionary serving as Chief Correspondent for the ASSIST News Service.

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