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Continuing to Connect women to hope in a post-Roe America

On June 24, 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade, the landmark piece of legislation that made access to abortion a federal right in the United States. Much confusion has resulted in what this decision means for our nation. It did not strike down abortion all across our nation, it only returned the ability to legislate abortion back to each individual state.

In Missouri, abortion is banned with the exception of a medical emergency. This does not mean there will be no more abortions in Missouri, or that Missouri women will not seek abortion across state lines where it is still readily available. Chemical abortion is on the rise and accounts for nearly 50 to 70% of all abortions. Therefore, abortion is and will still occur in Missouri in the privacy of her home where no one will know. Some thought the war around abortion was over with the overturn, but the reality is the battle has increased.

Across Missouri – and beyond – life organizations (comprised of pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, adoption centers, and abortion recovery sites) are still very hard at work. Alliance for Life (AFL) has networked together more than 80 of these organizations serving in 113 locations with the mission to equip people, empower organizations and engage communities to create a culture of life. AFL works directly with these life partners, providing training, support, and education as they work in their respective areas to help those around them choose life.

A post-Roe America makes this network even more important in unifying the voices across the state, bringing advocacy and advancement to the LIFE movement creating impact. Working to bring a greater connection between women in crisis and the Church. Now is the time for the Church to be a safe place for women to seek help before she decides and afterward no matter the choice.

To learn more about AFL and how you can support life or to get connected to a life organization near you, visit www.allianceforlifemissouri.com today.

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