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Rosaria Butterfield

Former lesbian professor repents for using transgender pronouns

A former lesbian and self-proclaimed “tenured radical” professor is encouraging Christians not to use incorrect transgender pronouns.

“I have publicly sinned on the issue of transgender pronouns, which I have carelessly used in books and articles,” Rosaria Butterfield wrote in a blog post. “I have publicly sinned by advocating for the use of transgender pronouns in interviews. Why did I do this? I have a bunch of lame and backside-covering excuses. Here are a few. It was a carryover from my gay activist days. I wanted to meet everyone where they were and do nothing to provoke insult.”

Butterfield, who is now a homeschool mother and is married to a Reformed Presbyterian minister, noted that the Supreme Court decision to affirm same-sex marriage prompted her to realize that there is an unavoidable “collision course between LGBTQ+ and the Christian faith.”

She described her previous use of preferred pronouns as a sin against the ninth commandment that encourages people to sin against the tenth commandment, as well as a denial of the “creation ordinance” and a hindrance to a believer’s progressive sanctification away from sin and toward righteousness.

Watch her interview with the Family Research Council:

“Using transgendered pronouns isn’t a sin because the times have changed, and therefore, using transgendered pronouns isn’t sinful today but a morally acceptable option in 2012,” she wrote. “Sin is sin. The Bible defines this as sin. Sin does not lose its evil because of our good intentions or the personal sensibilities of others. But a renewed focus is no excuse for sin and no dodge for repentance, not for a real Christian. I repent.”

Butterfield, who wrote “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert” as a memoir about her conversion, shifted her attention later in the article toward self-professed Christian commentators, such as “New York Times” opinion columnist David French and Wheaton College clinical psychologist Mark Yarkhouse, who continue to use transgendered pronouns in the name of “being winsome,” yet thereby promote falsehood harmful to believers and unbelievers alike.

“They nod in the direction of traditional values but then swap biblical clarity for postmodern pluralism, thus burning to the ground any legitimate theological bridge to gospel grace,” she wrote. “Transgenderism is satanic. We who once promoted ‘pronoun hospitality’ lent false credibility to a wolfish theology that fails to protect the sheep. Instead, it eats them alive.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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