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I long for greater nearness with Jesus every day of my life. From the very beginning of my adult conversion I’ve recognized that there is so much He’s delivered and rescued me from that I can’t help but want to give back… to please Him, follow Him, love Him and know Him. My desire is the same for my son. That he would never have only head knowledge about the Lord, but that it would be coupled with a lifestyle of what relationship with Christ looks like in its most intimate form.

Jessica S. Hosman

I remember, as a child, going to a Christian camp that held the theme: That I may know Him. Philippians 3:10 (the theme’s derivative) was spoken of much throughout the week, but I never really understood how I could “know” Him, not just learn more about Him. This is a challenge many kids (and adults) are still struggling with today. Children’s Bible stories are great and necessary, as is teaching morality, but it must also be combined with the understanding of what real relationship with Him looks like. He is real, near and close enough to touch.

I was tucking Zechariah into bed recently with a routine that has not changed for years: prayer, Bible reading, snuggles and then lights out with quiet worship music playing and one final “good-night.” When I got to the door, he softly called me back over to his bedside. Without moving and speaking in nearly a whisper, he said, “Mommy, I feel like Jesus is snuggling with me right now.” He closed his eyes, let out a small sigh of contentment and a delicate smile formed on his lips. My heart smiled and my mind immediately went to my heart’s desire for me, my son, and all those I come in contact with… that we may know Him. To know His Presence, the warmth of His love and the feel of His embrace, all wrapped up in a snuggle. We don’t have to be perfect or understand every Word written about Him to know Him. We just need to slow down enough to rest, be still and willing to receive the embrace.

My prayer hasn’t changed – I still desperately want more of Jesus. But now I have a beautiful picture forever engrafted into my mind of how simple that can really be. We don’t have to stress or strive, we simple must be. It’s there we’ll receive and begin the process of understanding what knowing Him really means.


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