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Letter to the Editor: Bill Gates and Vaccines

Why is Microsoft’s Bill Gates full throttle on keeping America locked down until he gets a vaccine for you?

People are still shocked about who is behind the Invisible Enemy.

Corona Virus/Covid 19. Most people don’t believe mainstream media nor do they believe Dr. Anthony Fauci & Dr. Deborah Birx.

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Dr. Fauci is a 50-year employee at NIAID and the Director, with a $5.9 billion budget. He states he’s not religious, only believes in humanity and science. Fauci’s wife Dr. Christine Grady is the Chief Bioethicist at NIH.

Dr. Deborah Birx was a U.S. Global Ambassador over HIV AIDS under President Obama, is married to Paige Reffe who served under Bill Clinton. President Trump appointed Dr. Birx & Dr. Fauci to the Corona Virus Task Force after the Covid 19 out break in 2020.

Lets talk connections between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their grip on Fauci, Birx, FDA, NIH, CDC, World Health Organization W.H.O., John Hopkins Center for Health Security & Big Pharma and GMO’s & meat grown from mutated animal cells

Daily, Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci dominated TV along side President Trump by stating that millions would die from the Covid-19. There were other TV doctors Marc Siegel, Janette Nesheiwat, Dr. Oz echoing death and doom along with N.Y. Governor Anthony Cuomo. None are virologist but somehow folks fell for their line to obey as they spread fear.

The father of Fox News contributor Dr. Siegel, recovered after using Hydroclorquine for Covid 19. Siegel very excited told the world about the Malaria drug in use over 50 years that brought life back to his dad. Even President Trump praised this drug as a cure.

Suddenly Siegel was silent about Hydroclorquine victory over Covid 19. He was told flat out to shut the heck up allegedly or we could take away your opportunities to practice medicine. Lots of doctors started using Hydroclorquine with a Z-Pac and saw Lazarus like recoveries with patients nationwide.

All the TV doctors, CDC Robert Redfield, National Institute for Health, Dr. Fauci & Dr. Birx and fake media said don’t use this it will kill you or go blind. THIS WAS A TOTAL LIE.

Days later Dr. Siegel is on Fox with Tucker Carlson with Abbott Labs wonder device ID NOW to test for Covid 19. All see Siegel get swabbed by a doctor in full mask and garb.

Then commercial break and 30 minutes later he proclaims he’s COVID 19 free.

Now all of you out there in TV land need to do this test.


Millions of smart folks said, no way this thing works for a virus never seen before.

As businesses and jobs shut down, all were told to stay home mask up stay 6 feet away from everyone. None of the health pros said stop smoking, drinking, get sun light, take vitamins, more water, get rest, cut junk food, stay positive and exercise to build the immune system.

Nope, they weren’t about to help out with this,

Dr. Fauci and Birx go way back with Bill Gates Foundation. Multi Billionaires Gates and Warren Buffett share the same views.

Gates is a cousin to President George Bush. Bush would award Fauci Billions of dollars after 911 to create bioterrorism weapons aka viruses (www.mc.vanderbilt.edu) article (Anthony Fauci Unfinished business AIDS, bioterrorism & the evolving legacy of Anthony Fauci 4/2004).

In 2010 the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation started the giving pledge, getting Mark Zuckerberg, Buffet and other billionaires around the world to pledge the majority of their wealth to Gates foundation. The Fund now has tens of billions of dollars.

The fund specializes in going into Africa and India and other places where the W.H.O cuts deals with the leaders to have access to people to vaccinate along with setting up GMO foods – another profitable venture for Gates.

Bill and Melinda Gates have a keen interest in “POPULATION CONTROL.” The pair along with the blessings of Dr. Fauci, CDC, NIH, FDA have gave the nod to vaccines and drugs for HIV AIDS Malaria A&B Influenza, Denunge Fever and Ebola that has been used world wide.

The pair think of themselves as saviors for the under privileged class even adding in sterilization and selective sex abortions services. Malarianomore.org speaks to this and the line up of partners world wide and in the U.S.

Gates has been doing this for decades and now America is his final frontier with well placed so called government helpers like Birx and Fauci and China and the W.H.O. and CDC, FDA, NIH aid.

Leading up to the Covid 19 out break in America there are these facts Dr. Anthony Fauci He stated “No doubt Trump will face surprise infectious disease out break during his presidency” article on (Healio.com 1/11/2017).”

Dr. Fauci joins Gates Foundation to oversee the creation and development of the vaccine Research Center article “Gates Foundation names new Director of Global health 5/15/2002.”

With all this said you can see who might want to do an evil thing to kill and sicken people, close churches, spread fear & shut down Trumps economy & America’s bright future.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx who worked at Walter Reed Army Hospital also listed on malarianomore.org seems to lays out various roles of intrigue and deception. They also have an infectious disease unit and in the late 1800 mastered the yellow fever out break carried by a particular mosquito. Walter Reed conducted clinical trials for Ebola vaccines with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis S. Collins of National Institute for Health at the helm. Glaxo-Smith Kline developed Ebola Vaccine that was used in Africa.

Many believe Ebola was developed to wipe out Millions of African people another population control bioterrorism weapon. Ebola is listed on Gates Foundation website.

Then there’s BARDA – the U.S. Biodefense Advance Research and Development Agency. (NIH Ebola update working toward treatments & Vaccines NIH Directors Blog 10/14/2014 by Drs. Fauci & Collins)

What is so amazing friends is how Bill and Melinda Gates can, under the cover of darkness, use governmental agencies in America to do their bidding developing drugs and bioterrorism virus for their use in foreign countries and your tax dollars to fund this scheme from hell.

Then Gates or cronies from his foundation go directly to these same government agencies that have charities attached to them and blow millions of dollars their way and then drugs approved fast and massed produced like “I dream of Jeannie” popping out of her bottle.

Then Bill Gates uses his foundation to buy stocks in the same companies that will mass produce the vaccines after his deceivers and his crones Dr Fauci, Dr. Collins approve findings and research for drugs to be made.

Proof of the extent of what most believe is alleged fraud in the case of Pharmaceutical ALERE INC, and Bill Gates Foundation and Point of Care Diagnostic testing devices. (BioSpace.com Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Hands $42 million to Alere In 3/1/2013)

As you all have watched our President roll out a box at the White House with the “Abbott Labs ID NOW” on April 2, 2020. Many smart folks questioned where did this thing come from so fast to test for Covid 19.

People believe this would be their miracle. It reminded me the time in the Bible when the people begged for Saul to be King and it ended up very badly for the people.

Again the Bible says my people perish for lack knowledge. It didn’t take too long to figure this “Trojan Horse ID NOW had been around a long time.”

In 2013 the Bill Gates Foundation contacted ALLERE INC. to allegedly get this device named point of care. Gates gives Allere Inc. a $42.5 million loan at 3 percent interest. Gates does this while Allere Inc. is in a whistle blower lawsuit filed by former Allere employee Angela Wu in San Diego California. Dept of Justice Alere to pay U.S. 33.2 Million to settle false claim 3/23/2018) Original whistleblower lawsuit filed 2011 (SEC.gov).

Ms. Wu refused to certify point of care devices because it gave false positives and false negatives along with other problems. MEDICARE and MEDICAD also under HHS refused to pay fraudulent claims that came from doctors.

Numerous states joined the lawsuit. Missouri and Kansas did not. States that joined lawsuit included Michigan Illinois, New York and California.

Bill Gates gets the device approved by his buddies at the Food and Drug Administration and NIH and CDC and goes into production and then gets the W.H.O blessing that was controlled by China at the time.

The point of care that has now morphed into ID NOW was only used for testing HIV AIDS, Malaria, Denunge Fever, A & B Influenza & Strep and had been patented by ALERE INC. Allegedly No changes were made after Gates took it over.

In 2014 The African Society for laboratory Medicine (ASLM) commended President Obama for nominating Dr. Deborah Birx as Ambassador for Global Aids HIV initive (aslm.org 1/10/2014) Birx stared working in Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. The same device was, allegedly used by Dr. Birx & her team for HIV AIDS testing in Africa.

Bill Gates most likely told Obama to appoint Dr. Birx because of Dr. Fauci. Again Fauci was involved with HIV AIDS vaccines and Gates was the vaccine deliveryman through the foundation.

Gates has long range plans during the corona virus making sure that everyone will get his vaccines that he’s rolling out from labs Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott and others including swabbing your mouths for virus and blood draws to test his loyal in the dark about his scheme subjects.

Bill Gates foundation owns 169 million shares of Abbott labs stock.

Just ask your Alexa device – she knows this too. In 2017 Abbott Labs buys Alere in a $5.8 Billion deal completed in 2018. SEC records show this along with SEC records from Alere in 2014 showing the Gates Foundation’s $42.5 deal to get a point of care tester.

Bill Gates is making the rounds on TV telling the government and even the world that they must all stay home and keep business closed until a vaccine is made to assure you are not contagious.

Bill Gates goes crazy on President Trump after he pulls W.H.O. funding along with Tedros Adhanom Ethiopian health minister over the W.H.O threatening more body bags if President cuts of Millions.

Then there’s the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health rogue element “Center for Health Security” Beloved by Dr, Fauci Dr. Birx and Bill and Melinda Gates.

These “Sages of Darkness” prepared the inflated death and doom charts that caused the shut down of your great America, Gods Great America. Churches were closed Easter stopping in person worship nation wide.

People lost their jobs, businesses, schools shut down, children and students who waited for years to get diplomas and graduate were denied behind a big evil lie called COVID19. People were sickened and died behind this evil. People worldwide suffered behind this and will have recompense exacted 1000 fold by all involved.


So as Bill “Nero” Gates Fiddled while the world burned and shut down.

Several things became very clear in the sequence of events.

Dr. Anthony Fauci had made a widely known statement that a surprise outbreak would occur during the Trump presidency two years ago. How would Dr. Fauci Houdini know this?

Then there’s the John Hopkins world and U.S. maps for exaggerated Covid 19 virus out breaks being pointed out by Dr. Deborah Birx that were allegedly funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This went on from March to May 2020.

Then there’s Bill Gates ID2020 to use his miracle cure vaccine to implant a microchip into every person on the earth and use this killer vaccine to do so.

Gates and his 100 billion dollar has no plans to help Americans with food farmers are throwing away due to no businesses to sell or bring to market. Gates want you hungry bewilder frazzled sick desperate and hopeless while he watches the ciaos unfold at his 66 thousand square foot home named Zanadu in Washington State.

February 29, 2020 was the first reported case picked up by national media in Washington State as the first nursing home out break of Corona Virus that occurred followed by death of elderly nursing home residents. Then panic and schemes took further shape.

Then there was media announcement of more out breaks nationwide even a small church in Kansas City, Kansas that had many Black pastors and members gathered for a church conference that were sickened with COVID 19 and allegedly resulting in death for a few of the faithful. Testing facility that resembled an aluminum can for drive by swabbing opened up at a clinic on South West Blvd.

Attendees from the church gathering were contacted and tested and asked for their insurance cards as the interviewer took their information in masks. Then swabs were dropped in a container and shipped off to a lab and folks told results in 3 days

One individual stated they had allergies and other health issues and had recently under gone knee surgery before Covid 19. When they were sent letter that they had COVID 19 they alleged no advise on what to do or pursue treatment or no follow up.

They stated they used medicine from when they had need surgery and allergy medicine and recovered and gained strength back in a week. Folks heard President say that there would be no charge to test people but some folks reported giving testing facilities insurance card to seek payments for service.

When the numbers weren’t adding up from Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx all deaths suddenly became COVID 19 deaths. Regardless of a suicide, heart attack, cancer, old age or accident now there all Covid 19 to increase the numbers that CDC Fauci Birx and John Hopkins set up for their witches brew virus on behalf of Bill Gates.

Lots of Creditable Doctors smelled a rat and stated exposing this LIE.

John Hopkins was also doing studies on America’s hospitals & nursing homes that allowed them to report them for any inadequacies to HHS Health & Human Services under Medicare and Medicare program.

John Hopkins could get any hospital or nursing homes removed from program funding and could stop payments for patients after unfavorable reports presented.

Many believe that before the Covid 19 occurred these entities allegedly might have been told to cooperate which could include certifying all deaths as Corona Virus victim’s nation wide. This would allow the Fauci Birx death charts to come to fruition to run up death and virus infection and fake reason to shutdown U.S.

This included YouTube videos Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Shiva, Ken Hovid, Judy Mikovits who worked directly with Dr. Anthony Fauci and exposed his evil during the HIV AIDS epidemic another tie in to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

John Hopkins is also involved with the W.H.O. and is a partner with them. Time Magazine May 15, 2017 issue shocking statements about President Trump making America Safe. Gates references the multi-billion dollar border wall won’t keep out disease & cutting aid to health systems overseas is akin to slashing CIA budget in a time of war If Trump is serious about protecting Americans Global health critics contend, he must embrace the soft power of a pandemic preparation.

In 2015 TED talk Bill Gates told his audience that when he was a kid the only disaster he “worried about nuclear war”. If anything kills over 10 million people in the next decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus, rather than a war. Not missiles, but microbes.” Time magazine May 15, 2017.

President Trump recently discovered Chappell Hill University in North Carolina was given $3.7 million by Dr. Anthony Fauci where a Chinese female researcher named Shi Zhengli from Wuhan China to fund experiments with BAT CORONA VIRUSES. Fox News Lou Dobbs talked about this.

This was done under the Obama Administration. It appears Fauci may have done this for his friend Bill Gates using taxpayer money to fund virus for a private citizen. Gates, Birx and Fauci are big Hillary Clinton supporters.

THE BIGGEST BOMB SHELL IS JOHN HOPKINS CENTER FOR HEALTH SECURITY Pandemic exercises (Large Scale Quarantine Following in Biological Terrorism in the United States 12/05/2001.

The West Nile Virus and the Anthrax Virus were on the loose in 2001.This is shocking how John Hopkins sets up these events like you’re planning a summer vacation.

The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario to Facilitate Medical Countermeasure Communication Posted 3/5/2020

It pretends to be a fictional account of a Pandemic in America for medical counter measures including drugs, devices & ventilators biologics for emergency. On March 5, there was no shut down yet.

Then in May 2018 Dr. Amesh Adalja writes Framework to Analyze the Pandemic Potential for Pathogens support from Open Philanthropy Project complete with picture of mans lungs being attacked by virus.

Recommendations to Improve U.S. Readiness for Continued Spread of 2019nCoV (Wuhan Corona Virus Assessing the Outbreak, the Response and the Regional Implications. World Health Organization recommended Halt the current U.S. Policy of deny visa to travelers from China and quarantining Americans returning from China. Conduct surveillance to promote mitigation, case isolation, treat surge of patients, develop diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics.

John Hopkins and The W.H.O stated in this article US policy to deny visas to travelers from China and to quarantine returning Americans is not the right approach to controlling the spread of 2019 nCov and make us less safe.

Report states Even in uncertainty we should root our response in evidence to guide our actions we may inadvertently exacerbate the toll of this epidemic and consider the toll on societies and our economy than the virus would alone. We must consider if measures will work & the ends justify the means.

The Federal agencies CDC and HHS would be asked for emergency response funds along with CDC starting testing at health facilities

John Hopkins didn’t have evidence and destroyed the economy. There’s other Pandemic Scenarios that mirrored what happened in U.S. including getting President to shut down everything.

THIS WILL JUST BLOW YOU AWAY! Nick Alexopolus 11/23/2017 Risk communications exercise scenario focused on medical counter measures in a pandemic article.

SPARS scenario features outbreak of the novel SPARS corona virus first identified in a major U.S. City in 2025 over a 3 year period virus spreads to every major city & 40 countries an existing drug is reported to treat the SPARS Virus symptoms must be (hydroclorquine) the same drug Fauci, Birx, CDC and Gates told you it would kill you and you must wait for the witches brew vaccine with the microchip that will certainly do you in.

Pharmaceutical companies work with the Federal Government to fast track a vaccine and controlled media for favor out comes of fear to the masses. Monica Schoch Spana PHD pandemic lead at John Hopkins.

This was posted October 7, 2019. On May 15, 2018 Bill and Melinda Gates surface to assure the Pandemic is ready to roll. “Claude X Pandemic Exercise” is sponsored by Gates foundation for one last quick dress rehearsal. You tube videos are posted,

Amesh A. Adalja is on board along with several other dissidents who know the fate of America in the coming 2020.

By now you are fully armed with the truth and how although the FAKE Media may have twisted you to think & believe everything about the Virus it serves a much sinister purpose.

NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE MICROCHIP AT A TIME. Vaccines will harm and re-write your DNA. Moderna setting up RNA vaccine research this it will do you in.

Smart people know it takes years to develop vaccines. These fools have a timeline besides trying to defeat President Trump. God and Trump are the only things stopping them wisdom and truth.

Bill & Melinda Gates, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx will be brought to justice if not by you then GOD.


NO Weapon Formed Against Me, You and Us will Prosper in Jesus name.

–Anna Tarr