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Missouri Right to Life-Western Region working towards a ‘new day’

According to the song “It’s a new dawn,” Michael Bublé is feeling good. He croons, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.” I’m very happy for Michael. Maybe he’s thanking his momma for choosing life. Ronald Reagan famously said, “I have noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” Sometimes, the most profound quotes are the most obvious.

So Happy New Year and congratulations. You’re alive! Maybe your zeal for life and a fresh start has you thinking about New Year’s resolutions. You know, those promises we make to ourselves with such enthusiasm until the resolve turns into resentment. If you’re like me, your change turns to chocolate by Valentine’s Day. Exercise turns to excuses around, oh, January 2. And I get impatient while resolving how to be more patient!

Fortunately for all of us, it’s a new day (just ask Michael), and each one contains new mercies (Jeremiah said so in Lamentations 3:22-23). If you shy away from self-improvement proclamations due to the imminent high failure rate, maybe this year you could try something new: Volunteer for a cause you believe in that uses your talents, sparks your interest, fits into your schedule, and benefits other people.

At Missouri Right to Life, we have many ways that you can invest your time. These include the following:

  • Join or start a Right to Life Chapter in your area.
  • Contact, recruit, and follow up with area churches to participate in annual fundraisers.
  • Monitor email records, databases, correspondence, etc.
  • Help set up booths, distribute materials, and/or interact with visitors at various festivals throughout the year.
  • Participate and show pro-life support at high-exposure events such as marches/walks, Lobby Day, Prayer Vigil.
  • Help with behind-the-scenes preparations for our various fundraisers and/or event implementation.
  • Donate on a regular basis through our Guardian Angel monthly newsletter and/or bi-monthly email blast.
  • Assist in maintaining our website, Facebook page, or provide IT support.
  • Assist with office paperwork and monthly mailings.
  • Memorialize our events on “film” to be featured on Facebook and our web-site to chronicle our events throughout the year.
  • Pray regularly for the unborn, mothers, fathers, and our lawmakers.
  • Educate pro-choice proponents in the issue of life.
  • Encourage pro-life advocates to become more actively involved in their community.
  • Enlist active pro-lifers in our region to become members or volunteers.
  • Research the latest in the medical, political, social, or spiritual world as it pertains to our cause, and provide this information to our members.
  • Visit schools for pro-life presentations with students.

Visit our website (www.mrl-wr.org) or call our office at (816) 353-4113 for more information.

For everyone reading these words, it is indeed a new day and a new year. Even in times of unrest or uncertainly, we are blessed with the opportunities that life brings. It is so easy to take that for granted. Let’s pray that the all the unborn babies in 2021 will be granted the same chance for choice—not whether to live, but how. Even the tone-deaf ones (right, Michael?) Now, put that cupcake down and go to the gym!

Partnering with you for Life!

–Linda Verhulst, MRL-WR