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Advice & Aid helps women reverse abortion pill

Reversing the effects of the abortion pill.

It sounded too good to be true. But when the opportunity arose for us to learn more about this process, Advice & Aid jumped at the chance. What, exactly, does it entail? Is it dangerous or harmful in any way? And would it actually work?

The abortion pill – which is actually a series of pills taken at two separate times – has become the norm in most abortion clinics. The first set of pills is given in the clinic and immediately stops the body from producing progesterone (which the baby needs to develop). The second round of pills is taken up to 72 hours later, in the privacy of the pregnant woman’s home, and induces contractions to expel the dead baby.

It so happens that there are women who feel regret after taking that first set of abortion pills. We have the opportunity to step in and, under the guidance of our Medical Director, begin treating the client with large doses of progesterone. It is a safe, naturally occurring hormone within the woman’s body. This extra progesterone can, at times, reverse the negative effects of the abortion pill.

We began offering this service in late 2018. While this protocol is not always successful, it allows the mother some peace of mind to know she did what she could to save her baby’s life. At other times, it does work. Meet Luceny in this video – who is now the mother of a beautiful baby girl!

Luceny found us after she had taken the first dose of the abortion pill, and was regretting her decision. The reversal protocol was administered through our Medical Director, and was successful. Luceny found hope here . . . as well as a place that could help provide for her needs and walk through the entire process with her.

Please consider helping Advice & Aid offer this amazing reversal protocol to even more women in 2021 by supporting us with your prayers and finances. With your help, we are literally snatching babies from the jaws of death! Visit www.adviceandaid.com/partner-with-us for more details.

–Advice & Aid