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Republican women on CNN panel back Trump amid racism furor

A panel of eight Republican women assembled by CNN were unanimously supportive of President Donald Trump in the midst of a controversy over his attacks against four Democratic congresswomen of color.

The Trump supporters in Dallas were questioned by CNN’s Randi Kaye on “New Day” about the furor and whether they thought his remarks were racist.

“How many of you don’t think what the president said was racist. Raise your hand,” Kaye asked. “These eight women see nothing wrong with the president telling four congress women to go back where they came from.”

“He was saying that if they hate America so much — because what we’re seeing out of them and hearing out of them, they hate America,” Dena Miller, one of the panelists, said. “If it’s so bad, there’s a lot of places they can go.” She asserted that the four congresswomen “don’t like white people. Come on! They’re racist.”

“We know the president is not racist. He loves people, from Hispanics, black people, all across the board,” another panelist, Cami Dean, said.

Panelist Gina O’Briant similarly defended the president while also taking shots at the four minority congresswomen for “inciting hatred and division.”

“I’m glad that the president said what he said because all they are doing is they are inciting hatred and division,” O’Briant said, adding that “he didn’t say anything about color.”

Another woman, Peaches McGuire Coates, was upset that Kaye mentioned that the four representatives Trump attacked were women of color.

“Why do you keep bringing that up?” she asked. “It’s idiotic, what they’re saying. So, it doesn’t matter whether they’re white, man, woman, brown, yellow, anything.”

Then, despite a series of questions, the women held firm.

“Let me show you a definition. A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities, and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race,” Kaye stated. “Based on that definition, do you not think what the president is saying . . .”

“No, two of his wives are immigrants. He’s not a xenophobic racist,” one woman replied.

“The first black billionaire is endorsing President Trump, how can you call him racist,” another said.

“These congressmen who said they ran for Congress, ran for office because they love this country. You’re saying that’s a lie?” Kaye pressed.

“So they say,” one woman answered.

To which Kaye asked, “You’re saying they hate this country?”

“It’s plain they’re very manipulative to accuse instead of extracting the truth,” a woman said.

“It’s a tactic,” another said.

And, finally, when the eight Republican women were asked how many would vote for Trump in 2020, all eight hands were raised.



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