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Higher fuel tax to fund improved highways, bridges

fuel tax infrastructure weekend

Missouri drivers, tired of having some of the nation’s worst roads, have been less resistant recently to increased taxes to improve them. Part of the lack of resistance could be the booming ...

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Legislature works to put Right-to-Work on ballot


Right-to-work ballot measures may be on the ballot soon. A resolution passed in the Senate at roughly 5 a.m. Friday after a nearly 12-hour filibuster would move the voting date for a ...

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Missouri has a booming export to Kansas: sex offenders


While many Missourians may be relieved that sex offenders are leaving the state, Kansas and other neighboring states may be struggling with the influx. Missouri’s one-size-fits-all approach sends hundreds of sex offenders ...

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Parents thank strangers who prayed with son who lay dying


The family of a St. Joseph man are thanking drivers who stopped to help and pray with him as he lay dying on a Lee’s Summit highway. Cody Harter, 23, a member ...

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MO Supreme Court to hear case of prosecutor


The Missouri Supreme Court is considering whether a long-serving Kansas City area prosecutor will be punished for targeting letter writers after a court case.  A disciplinary counsel contends Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd ...

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Kansas City cleans up, more tornado threats today

tornado storms kansas city

Kansas City residents are cleaning up from straight-line winds and at least one tornado that touched down west of Belton overnight. Severe thunderstorms, flash flooding and isolated tornadoes will continue threaten lives ...

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Former FBI agent who investigated Greitens pleads 5th under oath

greitens witness fib

In yet another strange turn of events in the prosecution of Governor Eric Greitens, the former FBI agent who was hired by the St. Louis Prosecutor’s office invoked the Fifth Amendment as ...

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Greitens faces yet another felony charge

Greifens gag order felony judge

Governor Greitens has another possible felony charge to deal with as his trial is scheduled to begin May 14. Attorney General Josh Hawley’s announcement of a potential felony crime by Governor Eric ...

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House committee releases report on Greitens’ case


Just moments after a bi-partisan report was released on allegations against Gov. Eric Greitens, the governor held a 30-minute press conference blasting it. Greitens described the report as “one-sided tabloid trash gossip.” ...

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Missouri House passes new requirements for food stamp recipients

Under a bill passed by the Missouri House, able-bodied individuals receiving welfare would be required seek work or job training. If individuals did not comply with work requirements they could lose their food ...

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Police spokesman says prosecutors are lying in Greitens investigation


The spokesman for the St. Louis Police Department says the office of democrat Circuit Court Attorney Kim Gardner, who is leading the charge against Gov. Eric Greitens, is not telling the truth ...

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MO Legislator questions “gun free zones”

State Rep. Jered Taylor thinks there’s a problem with guns. Gun free zones. Pioneered by Al Gore, critic say the zones only tell would-be killers that potential victims are defenseless. The Nixa ...

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Missouri Pro-Life Legislative Update

Missouri Right to Life extends sincere thanks to Governor Eric Greitens and to the Missouri Legislature for their passage of Senate Bill 5. Many unborn babies and their mothers will be protected ...

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After assassination comments, senator seeks redemption


Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal seeks President Trump’s forgiveness and hopes to work with him By Dwight Widaman | Metrovoicenews.com On Thursday morning, August 17, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-St. Louis County) awoke ...

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Annual Republican Lincoln Days Event March 18

quiet fire

Missouri marks a milestone this year in state politics. It is the first time in state history that all five statewide seats are held by the Republican Party: Governor, Lt. Governor, State ...

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Amendments on Missouri ballot range from cigarettes to voter ID

vote i.d.

Missouri voters to Decide on 6 Proposed Amendments to State Constitution   Six ballot measures have been certified by the office of the Missouri Secretary of State (SOS) to appear on the ...

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