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Trump probably will run for president in 2024 says daughter-in-law

Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere and most likely interested in running for president again in 2024, his daughter-in-law Lara Trump says.

Her comments come after the second failed attempt by Democrats to impeach the former president and tanking poll numbers on numerous policy initiatives of President Joe Biden.

“He has told us to stay tuned and that this is not over for him, and he has indicated that he probably would be interested in running again in 2024,” Lara told Fox News.

In discussing the former president’s scheduled appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orland this week — his first public appearance since leaving the White House — Lara Trump called him the head of the Republican Party.

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“He is really the person that everyone will continue to turn to in order to help them get across the line, whether we’re talking about 2022 or beyond,” she said. “I think this man has changed politics, and he has changed our party, the Republican Party. There is no doubt about it.”

His daughter-in-law’s comments came just days after he told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly that it was too early to make such a decision on his political future.

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“It’s too early to say, but I see a lot of great polls out there, that’s for sure,” Trump said. “We have tremendous support. I won’t say yet, but we have tremendous support and I’m looking at poll numbers that are through the roof. I’m the only guy who gets impeached and my numbers go up.”

On Wednesday, Senator Mitt Romney told reporters that Trump would win the 2024 Republican nomination should he run.

Senior adviser Jason Miller said last week that the former president will discuss the future of the GOP and lessons learned in the 2020 election campaign in his CPAC speech. Trump plans to share his views on growing GOP support for his “America First” agenda, as well as about what the Republican Party could do to win in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

“I think what you’re going to hear President Trump talk about next Sunday on is the future of the Republican Party and the number of lessons that we learned in 2020, where we saw President Trump bring in a record amount of African American voters, Latino American voters on the GOP side, bigger numbers than we’ve seen in modern Republican presidential history,” Miller said. “We have to keep these voters engaged in the party.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice