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By Jessica S. Hosman

My little boy is a snuggler. Even from his first days of life he has relished the gift of touch and being held close. As he has grown taller – and heavier – this has posed a bit more of a challenge on his Momma’s back. But, he still longs for that closeness and embrace nonetheless.

One Sunday morning as worship music played during church, tears flowed from my eyes and down my cheeks. I knew God was present and longed for His touch even more. Zechariah was in my arms as usual but after some time the effects of his weight began causing discomfort to my back. In an attempt to diminish the pain, I turned around and sat him down in a chair. He looked confused and reached his arms out to be held once again. When I asked him to sit for a little bit he looked deep into my tear-filled eyes and innocently asked, “But Mommy, if I sit in the chair, how will I wipe your tears?” I knew he was sincere, and I also knew the Lord was speaking through him. I sat down and scooped him up into my arms. I held him close in that chair and relished his embrace while we continued to worship the Lord together. As I closed my eyes, I could feel my son’s gentle caress and his tiny fingers which caught every single tear that fell.

Like my little boy, yet with an even greater love, God also longs to wipe away every tear from our faces; wiping away with them every trace of sorrow and pain (Revelation 21:4). Yet, if we don’t allow Him close during our times of suffering, we won’t be able to experience His gentle hands holding our hearts and caressing our tears.

There have been times in my life when the pain and hurt has been so deep, I’ve tried to put God aside thinking surely He doesn’t care… for if He did, I wouldn’t be going through the circumstances that brought such hurt to my heart. Perhaps you can relate. Perhaps you’re in that place right now. Let me assure you that He does care and these are the very moments He wants you to allow Him to come closer than ever before. These are the very times He wants to catch your tears and soothe your pain. Chaos may seem to be brewing all around you; disappointment, confusion, sorrow and hurt may be pressing in from every direction. But right now I encourage you to take just a moment to close your eyes… and instead of focusing on the ever-present pain, focus on the assurance of God’s love for you and His presence that is with you right now. It’s okay to allow the tears to fall… for they’re being captured with a love that’s gentle, everlasting and greater than any pain you will ever endure.