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Actor Denzel Washington opens up about faith, spiritual warfare and heaven

Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington shared his faith in a recent story in “The New York Times.”

“What I do, what I make, what I made — all of that — is that going to help me on the last day of my life?” he asked. “It’s about, `Who have you lifted up? Who have we made better?’ This is spiritual warfare. So I’m not looking at it from an earthly perspective. If you don’t have a spiritual anchor, you’ll be easily blown by the wind and you’ll be led to depression.”

Washington went on to discuss spiritual warfare.

“The enemy is the inner me,” he said. “The Bible says in the last days — I don’t know if it’s the last days, it’s not my place to know — but it says we’ll be lovers of ourselves. The number one photograph today is a selfie, ‘Oh, me at the protest.’ ‘Me with the fire.’ ‘Follow me.’ ‘Listen to me.’

“We’re living in a time where people are willing to do anything to get followed. What is the long- or short-term effect of too much information? It’s going fast, and it can be manipulated obviously in a myriad of ways. And people are led like sheep to slaughter.”

Denzel, 66, also shared his view of heaven, explaining that “there are going to be two lines, the long line and the short line, and I’m interested in being in the short line.”

Washington later revealed how he “fills up” spiritually every morning before starting his day.

“You have to fill up that bucket every morning,” he said. “It’s rough out there. You leave the house in the morning. Here they come, chipping away. By the end of the day, you’ve got to refill that bucket. We know right from wrong.”

At an event this fall, Washington revealed what the Lord has been telling him to do when he prays in this season.

“At 66, getting ready to be 67, having just buried my mother, I made a promise to her and to God, not just to do good the right way, but to honor my mother and my father by the way I live my life, the rest of my days on this earth,” he said. “I’m here to serve, to help, to provide.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice