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Dan Bishop celebrates with his family after proving the pundits wrong.

Conservative North Carolina win a sign for 2020 presidential race

In an election that the national media touted as a do-or-die contest for President Donald Trump that would foretell his chance for victory in 2020, a Republican has won a shocking victory in North Carolina.

The important win was achieved in great part by President Trump who helped Conservative Republican Dan Bishop hang on to a GOP congressional seat in a closely-watched special election. The Democrat Party had invested millions into the race hoping it would embarrass the Trump campaign ahead of the 2020 Presidential election. National media on Monday had expected the Democrat to win. Today, with the Republican victory, they are backing off that assessment.

Bishop won the race for an open congressional seat defeating Democrat candidate Dan McCready.

Bishop is a state senator and he tied himself tightly to President Trump who staged an election eve rally for him Monday night.

“Tonight the voters of North Carolina sent a message that shouldn’t just be heard within the confines of the ninth district. It should reverberate across this country and in the halls of the Capitol. The voters said no to the radical liberal policies being pushed by today’s Democratic Party,” Bishop declared.

Some political analysts considered the race to be a referendum on President Trump as well as the upcoming 2020 congressional election.

The win came in a suburban Republican district much like several who flipped to the Democrat side in the 2018 mid-terms. The victory in this district was an important win because pundits and Democrats had been touting it as a pickup for the last two weeks, saying it would prove the President would lose the 2020 election.

The special election had to be held as a do-over after the 2018 congressional election result in that North Carolina district was rejected due to ballot fraud. Bishop was not involved in that 2018 race.

–Metro Voice and wire services